Monday, October 24, 2016

News, Updates, and a Contest!!!

Hey 2 Girls 1 Blog Readers!!!!!!!!
I know I haven't posted in awhile, okay, like a year and a half. BUT the good news is, I've decided, we're goings to start things back up VEERRRYYY soon.
I've decided to start it off with a bang and ask YOU guys for a favor!! I need from everyone subscribed or who stumbles upon my page before Halloween!
Nicole, 2 Girls 1 Blog co-founder needs YOUR help to win a free tattoo cover up! See, she has this tattoo, that she regrettably got... It happens to the best of us. Well, it causes her regular dirty looks, judgement, unwarranted hate from folks down here in the bible belt, missing out on job opportunities, YOU NAME IT! SO, that being said... I need everyone who's anyone to click this photo of her tattoo I'm going to post at the end. It'll take you my page, then click the tattoo photo from there, to the post on American Ink Tattoo's page where you'll like it for her contest entry. Every like you can get us counts as a vote, and I think possibly comments too! THEN, if you're feeling really generous, SHARE that bad boy with your friends too and get us as many likes as you can so she can win!!!!! This piece has seriously held her back for years and trust me when I say this, this mama deserves this covered up!!!!


Xx Ashley C.