Saturday, November 30, 2013

Snowmen Nail Pictorial!

So I did these nails about a week ago and have been putting off posting them because they aren't as awesome as I wanted them to be. But here is a tutorial anyway! They were pretty easy to do as far as nail art goes, and you only need a couple of tools to accomplish these.

You will need:
Large dotting tool
A brush suitable for tiny details on your snowman & snowflakes
A small dotting tool or toothpick for little snowflakes
Makeup sponge
Whatever colors you want to use

Start by painting your nails a light blue color. I used Cinderella by Sinful Colors. I had to do like 4 coats because this is a pretty transparent color, but it was my only light blue.

Next I decided to add an gradient with purple just to make them a little bit prettier. This is actually really really easy to do, and all you need is a triangle makeup sponge!! I used Sally Hansen's Purple Pizazz which is a purple Jelly color with lots of shimmer. Paint on the two colors you are using on the sponge like THIS:
Then you gently apply it to your semi dry nails starting at the side and over and over until you get the brightness you are trying to achieve. Here's what my looked like when they were completed:
The next step is to apply your snowman. Start by placing a large dot on your nails like this:
Then add the bottom of the snowman near the tip of your nail. It doesn't have to be perfectly round.
Next, add the top snowball part of the snowman like this:
Next paint on your snowman's buttons, face, hat, nose, arms, and even a scarf if you want! I thought mine was pretty cute with a red scarf. :)
Almost done!!! Next, I decided to add some snowflakes and glitter, just to make them a little bit more "wintery". :) You don't have to do this though. After you're done with that, add a topcoat and that's all there is to it!!! I used Julep's Portia for the glitter.
I think my snowflakes look horrible, sorry. LOL But that's okay :) There you have it! Super easy snowman nails for your holiday season!

What holiday nails should I do next??? I was thinking maybe Santa nails or something... I'm running out of ideas already! :D

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Xx Ashley C.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Em Cosmetics Waterliner Review

Yesterday I finally got around to using my Em Waterliner in Amethyst that I traded for my grey. This product came in my November Ipsy bag as a 6th item bonus, and I have been meaning to review it for some time now.

Ipsy is a wonderful subscription service that you can sign up using my referral link HERE. For just $10 you receive 4-5 (and apparently sometimes 6) deluxe sample or full size products automatically every month. Look through the blog to see the unboxings, I haven't been disappointed yet! If you like trying new makeup for a low low price that you normally wouldn't buy because of price, or you've never heard of it, definitely give it a look!

Back to the eyeliner, here's a little overview of what the product is:
Em cosmetics was started by Michelle Phan from YouTube in August of this year. I've always LOVED her Youtube videos, so I was really excited to try her makeup line. I swear she is the reason I know how to blend my eyeshadow. lol Her Intense Waterliner is supposed to be waterproof without "budging or smudging", even on your waterline. It comes in a wide array of colors, 12 to be exact, from black to gold to green. It went on like a dream, and I kind of want to buy some in black because purple isn't exactly something I can wear every day. However, it was fun to play with. You can purchase it HERE.

Here's the grey liner. Before I traded. 

Who's ready for some swatches!?!

I decided to do a winged eyeliner for this look with some white eyeshadow and black liner on the bottom. It was a little hard to do because the tip of the pencil isn't exactly sharp, but it comes with a really nice smudging tool on the end so you wouldn't have to dirty up your brushes in the process.The liner itself is really bright and went on so smooth that I'd almost compare it to Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on pencil. Close, but not quite as amazing.

Here's another picture with all of my makeup. The purple color really brought out the brown in my eyes which was excellent.
And here's one more, with flash of the other side. Overall,  I'd definitely purchase another one of these in a different color, but only if they went on sale because they are $20 and I'm cheap. The black and the emerald are calling my name. But, if you haven't tried it yet and you're looking for a good, easy to apply, long lasting colored liner, this is definitely something you should add to you beauty arsenal. It's worth the price. I hate eyeliners that smudge, and this one definitely DOES NOT.

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Until next time,
Xx Ashley C.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Lights Nail Pictorial!

This year I am feeling unusually festive. I've already decorated my house with Christmas lights, and have been pinning Christmas nails and crafts like a mad woman. I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I've already done my Thanksgiving nails for the year, and I can't think of anymore to do. Don't worry I'll show you those in a minute. :) It's freezing in Tennessee today and it already feels like winter so why not get a head start!! Christmas nails are my favorite to do and there's endless possibilities!!! Here is a simply, three step tutorial for some ADORABLE Christmas light nail art.

But first, here's my turkey Thanksgiving nails for your viewing pleasure.

On to the Christmas lights! For this mani I used:
The first step is to paint all of your nails white. I tried to pick a nice opaque white with little to no shimmer. Next, I went ahead and added a coat of my fast dry topcoat to make the nails dry enough to start painting on the lights! I also went ahead and cleaned them up to ensure there would be no bleeding of the colors together from the remover in cleaning up later.

The next step is to paint on your string that the lights are going to painted on. I picked black for this, but green would also work if you're looking for a more traditional Christmas light feel. I used the thinnest brush in my collection that I could find. I also saw on Pinterest that you can use a piece of thread for this to make a really thin string of lights. You just place it where you want while your nails are still tacky and trim it then put a topcoat on to hold it in place.  

Next, use a small brush, dotting tool, or even a toothpick to carefully paint on the lights. I used a toothpick that way I could get a tiny triangular shape for the lights. It allows for precision and I think if you're a beginner it would be your best bet. The best part is you can pick any color you want! You can do just red and green, or multicolored lights like I did! Just make sure and alternate the colors you're using. I painted on one color at a time. I used red, blue, green, and yellow. Sorry for the bad quality photo. My camera was not cooperating. :( Once you're done with that, add on your favorite topcoat and you're done!

And that's all there is to it! Super easy, Super cute nails for Christmas!
Here's a picture of my favorite one! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my tutorial!!! I think these nails are super cute and I will definitely be trying them again with different variations and hopefully a little less mess. Until next time!

Xx Ashley C.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Nail Polish Kit

Urban Decay Naked Nail Polish Kit
So as soon as I found this, I had to get it! Especially since they no longer make or sell these so it is really hard to find. So basically Urban Decay took their colors from the original Naked Eyeshadow Palette and created nail polishes that matched them. The first Naked is definitely my favorite of all three Nakeds so I jumped on this as soon as I found them. Also I do apologize in advance about the lighting, I was trying to get all the pics done before the sun went down and unfortunately it was dark at 5:30pm. So that sucked.

So this is what it looks like BNIB:

This is outside of the package, they are so cute, and they are minis!

On with the swatches! Like always it is only two coats so you can see the quality of the pigmentation. 
First we have Naked. It is a very easy applied nude with full coverage. 

Next we have Sidecar which is one of my favorite shadows from the palette, it is very fine glitter and full coverage.

Next we have Toasted which was very creamy which left some streaks but it still is beautiful!

Next we have Smog, This one was also full coverage, it looked soo much better in person. This is when the sun went down, sorry guys!

Now we have Hustle, this was definitely my favorite out of all six. The way it shines is sooo beautiful. Sorry for the sloppiness haha, I was trying to go as fast as possible!

Last we have Creep which is a very dark black with some silver glitter, which was also full coverage. It was kind of hard to apply if you are in a hurry but looks really great on!

And that was all of them, I am super happy to add this to my collection being the Urban Decay Junkie that I am. But I was actually very impressed with these. They were really great and easy to apply and very full coverage. Thanks for looking and until next time! 

<3 Chynel Webb

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pretty & Polished Dual Review!

I am so excited to announce that I recently received my very first real Indie nailpolish!!! I have been wanting Pretty & Polished's "Jawbreaker" for like a year now, and I used a $5 gift card code from Wrapp and ordered it off Etsy!!! It is everything I wanted it to be! It looks just like I have a classic Jawbreaker on each nail and is packed FULL of Blue, Yellow, Red, and tiny purple glitters in varying shapes and sizes. It went on effortlessly and was totally opaque after three coats. I love it so much and highly recommend this brand to anyone looking to try an indie polish that never has before! Here's some swatches! :)

Isn't it awesome!!! :)

As an added bonus to my order I also received a HUGE sample of Pretty & Polished's Sugar scrub. I received this in the scent Sugar Yum Plum and it smells good enough that I could literally eat the jar. lol I wouldn't though. It is the most amazing, magical product I have ever used in my life. I swear I will never use another scrub. They sell this in 4oz and 8oz sizes for $5 and $9 respectively. This is such an awesome price too because my little sample jar is probably like 2oz and will last me at least 20 hand and foot scrub sessions. I used it on both my hands and my feet as well as my husbands hands and they now literally feel like baby skin. You can purchase this HERE in the scents cupcake, lavendarling, strawberry shortcake, sweet mint, pink sugar, sugar yum plum, apple, vanilla oatmeal, lemon, peppermint bark, mocha doodle, cranberry, and guess what? Chocolate covered BACON! lol Here's a pic of the sample I recevied:
It's still pretty much full after 4 uses. AWESOME! Get some!!:D

I plan on getting more scrub and the color Popples as well as some color changing polishes in the next few weeks that I will review! :D
Happy Sunday!
Xx Ashley C.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Ipsy Unboxing!!!

I seriously can't believe it's already mid November. This year has totally flown by since I got my new job in March. But, that being said, it's Ipsy time again!! Ipsy unboxing posts are always my favorite to do every month!! This month's bag contained 6 items which I thought was really awesome. The 6th item was a bonus item from Em Cosmetic's which is Michelle Phan's makeup line if you don't already know. I don't know much about her makeup but I know I love her makeup tutorials on YouTube.

For those of you who don't already know, Ipsy is a subscription service where for $10 every month you get a mystery bag of 4-5 deluxe sample or full size beauty items. Plus they come in a cute bag and you get to fill out a profile to tailor the bags to your beauty needs and what you like and don't like. I am very happy with this subscription. I almost signed up for Birchbox instead but I'm really glad I didn't. I've received everything from nail polish, to lipstick, gloss, bronzer, blush, mascara, and beyond. It's a really fun program if you're in to trying new makeup brands you wouldn't normally buy for yourself.

If you want to sign up, please use my referral link HERE, you won't regret it!

So here is my November bag in all it's glory! I am pleased with most everything I received this month.
I got: 
  • Kiss everEZlashes double pack
  • Em Waterliner in Amazing Grey
  • Starlooks Gem eye pencil in Amethyst
  • Nailtini Nail laquer in Caviar cocktail 
  • Be A Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless
  • Pixie Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched

First up is the Kiss lashes! As you can see I've already used them. I received the lashes in 03. I love false eyelashes so much. My regular lashes are pretty long already, but I love to play with falsies!! :) These are pretty good false lashes in my opinion and they come with an applicator. I found that the glue that comes with them kind of sucks, but I had some other kind laying around so no worries there. I don't really care for the applicator either. My lashes just kept getting stuck to it. Fingers work better for me. These retail for 19.95 on Amazon. You can purchase them HERE. A little pricey for lashes in my opinion, but they might be cheaper elsewhere. Oh just kidding, I found a single pair on Amazon for $2.01 with $3.99 shipping. Definitely worth that. Go and get them HERE
Here's a picture of them on after they'd been on all day. They blend in really nicely with my real ones so they don't look super trashy and fake. :)

Next is the Starlook Gem Eyeliner in Amethyst. I haven't used this on my eyes yet because I'm trading it for the Topaz, but I have swatched it (I'll show you in a minute), and it's really really pretty. It is a super shimmery light purple color that I think would be perfect for winged eyeliner or in the corners or your eyes. Everyone needs a little bling eyeliner in their life right? lol It retails for $14.00 on the Starlooks site and you can get it HERE. I will probably pick up one of these in Myth (a shiny black) and Fancy (A shiny green) while ipsy has the 40% off going on. They look so pretty!!  
Here is the "Amazing Grey" Em liner. It's a really nice Charcoal grey color and is supposed to be waterproof. It also has a little smudger at the end which is pretty convenient if you like to smudge. :) I've been wanting to try something from this line for a long time now, so I'm pretty happy we were all given something to test!! I'll definitely review the purple one after I get it from Michelle on Monday. These retail for $20 and there are 12 different colors to choose from! You can get them HERE
Here's the swatches. Isn't the Starlooks color so pretty?!

Next up is the Nailtini polish in Caviar Cocktail. I'm so glad I got this color and not Champagne because I HATE bronze nail polish and I love silver. I have so many silver nail polishes and I could use a million more. This color is a darker silver color and will look really great with some little fake diamonds or studs on it. I'm much more impressed with it than the Mai Tai color we received a few months ago. Nail Tini is a 3 free brand which is pretty cool. It retails for $13 on the nail tini website but you can buy it for $11.02 on Amazon and save a couple bucks HERE
Here's a box swatch.

I also received a Lip Crayon by Be a Bombshell in the color Shameless. Not sure if I'm going to use this or not, I may try to trade it. The last lip crayon I got I absolutely hated. Shameless is a burgundy shimmer color. I know it's fall but I probably would have kept this if I'd gotten, I don't know, hot pink or something. lol  It retails for $14 and you can buy it HERE.
It looks alot brighter than this swatch in person. I imagine it's buildable as well. A nice shade for fall though.

Last is the Pixi bronzer. I wanted to love this. I love bronzer. I use it every day. Unfortunately I received the light color and it totally disappears on my skin. It has a nice shimmer to it, but other than that it's pretty much useless for me. This is the second Pixi product I've gotten that I didn't love. I don't understand exactly who this color is supposed to "bronze" but it's definitely not me. You can buy this HERE on Amazon for $17.85 and it comes with a Kabuki brush. Which is always nice to have. The packaging is cute though. :) 
Can you see it? I sure can't. lol 

All in all, bronzer shade aside, I'm still thrilled with the bag. Hell, I'm even thrilled with the bag itself. I forgot to mention it. It's a shiny gold color and I love all things shiny. :) The total value of my bag was $90+ dollars and for $10 that is a STEAL! Again if you want to sign up my referral link is right HERE!!

Here comes my favorite part of the Ipsy Unboxing!!! Coupon Codes!! Here there are in no particular order:
30% off any purchase at Em Cosmetics - Use Ipsy30 
40% off any purchase & a free Lip Gloss from Be a Bombshell - Use Ipsy40
50% off and free eyeliner with $25+ from NailTini - Use ipsy4glam
25% off at Pixi Beauty - Use Bronzepixi
40% off any purchase at Starlooks - Use Ipsy
30% off Kiss or Ienvy lashes at Beauty Online Supply - Use Ipsy
30% off at Glam Glow - Use Ipsy (everyone has been freaking out about this product. Idk what it is)
20% off Galaxy Chic Palette at BH Cosmetics - Use Ipsy20
30% off at Cailyn - Use Ipsy30
50% off any purchase at HSI Professional - Use Ipsy50SS

And that's it! Great coupons this month, great bag, love Ipsy!
Much love to all!
Xx Ashley C.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sunshine Award :)

I was nominated by Elizabeth Breygel from The Beauty Inside for the Sunshine Blog Award! :) I'm really happy to be tagged, as this is the first time I've been tagged in anything! What fun! I'm super excited!
This award is all about spreading positive vibes through blogging, and I definitely love doing that!

There are a few rules involved and they are:
1. Include award logo in/on your blog post.
2. Link to the person who nominated you.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate other bloggers to give this award.

Now on to the questions Elizabeth has given me:

  1. What would be your dream vacation? - My dream vacation would be to visit the Ice Hotel in Sweden. It's so cool. I hate the cold and I hate snow, but I just can't get over how awesome it is. :)
  2. What is your all time favorite fragrance? - This is a toss up between Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue and Nollie from Pac Sun. I love them both and have been using them for as long as I can remember!
  3. Flats or Heels? Honestly, I like heels way better... But they're hard to walk in so I usually wear flats. lol 
  4. What is your favorite magazine? Cosmo :) 
  5. What is your favorite time of year? Spring and summer. I can't stand cold weather. I love sweaters and hoodies and fall makeup... but that's about the end of it. Spring flowers are my favorite!
  6. Favorite inspirational quote? "Hey youth, time flies by there's an everlasting battle for eternal life." Okay so that is a song quote and it's totally not all that inspirational but I've loved it for years. It's from The Young Crazed Peeling by The Distillers. Miss them
  7. Do you know foreign languages? I don't. I tried to learn Spanish on Rosetta Stone this one time but it didn't like my accent and said I was saying Si wrong.
  8. What is your favorite drugstore/makeup shop? Favorite drugstore is Walgreens for sure. Favorite other place to get make up is definitely Sephora.
  9. Who's your favorite Youtuber? Jenna Marbles. Her old stuff though. She's gotten way less funny in the last year. Here watch THIS. lol She cracks me up.
  10. Three words to describe your personality? Shy, Boring, Flake
Well, that's all the questions!! :) I don't really know who to nominate because I don't have many blogger friends.. hmm.. 

I nominate:
Lorena at Fashion de Hoy 
Jezz Dallas at Make-up Your Mind

Your Questions are: 
1. What is your favorite blog to read?
2. What is your all time favorite beauty product?
3. If you could only use one type of makeup for the rest of your life what would it be?
4. If you could pick one place in the world to live where would it be?
5. Least favorite food?
6. Little black dress or a bright, bold red one?
7. Favorite caffeinated beverage?
8. Do you watch tv? If so what is your favorite show.
9. Favorite nail polish color?
10. Favorite animal?

Hope this post was fun for everyone. :) Nice to get to know your bloggers. Now on to my Ipsy Unboxing!!
Xx Ashley C.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

A bit of a confession is that I am a sort of a Urban Decay Junkie. I literally get things by UD that I necessary don't need or would never use but Urban Decay just gives me that push to try some thing new, like lipstick which I never wear. So when the Vice II Palette came out, of course it had to be added to my wonderful collection. I ordered it from Sephora a day before the 20 percent discount code for VIBs was released which was kind of a bummer but it got here super fast so it made up for it! Urban Decay is just a really great brand, every thing they do is pretty much over the top and you definitely get what you pay for. 

So as far as the Vice II palette, it was introducing 20 brand new shadows where you could do dramatic looks or even do a little bit of neutrals. If you are going to limit yourself to ONE holiday makeup palette like I am trying to do myself, I say go for this palette. I am extremely pleased with it and now I will show you why.

So here it is in the packaging:

Unboxing looked like this: ( Sorry about my ceiling lights reflecting on this, it is like a very shiny plastic palette and I just could not get it out of the reflection taking the picture in any angles .)

It was extremely sturdy and very nice, I love how they accent the UD looking like gems, it is really pretty.

So opening it up looks like this, the mirror looks blurry but it still has the plastic on it. I have not messed with it until I was taking pictures, that way you guys would be able to see exactly how it came. 

 Here is a better look at the eye-shadows. They are so very pretty! I am sooo happy about this palette!

So now I am going to do some swatching. This is a single swatch, I did not go over it twice just so you guys can see exactly how pigmented each eye-shadow is individually. So I am going left to right on each row. 

 So we have Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock (which is amazing), Coax,  and X-Rated.

 Then we have Prank, Maddness, Strike, Stash, and Poison

 3rd Row we have Radar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal and Derailed.
4th row seemed like the neutral shadows. We have Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush, and Rewind.

So there are the swatches and as you can see these are highly pigmented. You can see my forearm is red in some pics because it was a bit difficult to just wipe off with a baby wipe. 
It comes with a brush which I was not really excited about since my Karma brushes that came with my Naked palettes really were not all that great but I really love the brush that came with this palette. It was dual ended and the blending end is really nice. This brush is not as stiff and is much more soft then the other brushes which was a huge plus for me. 

So there is the Vice II Palette by Urban Decay, if you have any questions feel free to ask. 
Until next time :) Chynel Webb