Monday, December 30, 2013

Guest Post!! Glam Box Review by Melissa!

So this new company was advertised in some of the beauty and polish groups I am in and I figured for $15.00 why not? I really didn't know what to expect but it its described as the same idea as ipsy and birch box and I love those so it was an instant sell for me! As you can see from the picture above the first thought I had when I opened it was WOW this is no Ipsy! (I just signed up for Birchbox and my first box is on it's way to me.)
I had thought that when they asked in my profile survey if I was married it was just for statistic purposes,but no they thought of my hubs and sons as well :) 
Warning! Spoiler Alert! :)

The soaps are pretty good my hubs and boys like the scent and hubs smells nice after his shower so I can't complain ;) 
Next up is the great lip gloss palette! 
I was really surprised at how well I would like these since I'm more of a lipstick girl but these are actually really nice! My favorite color is the 4th one as it gives me just the right amount of color and sparkle on my lips. The lighter ones are great for a natural look and I'm having fun mixing the colors (there is a small pot like thing by the mirror when you open it which I'm assuming is for mixing (well I hope that is what it's for because that is what I have been using it for LOL) but overall this is a great palette for on the go or for someone who is just beginning with makeup and wants to test out what color is best for them. The only thing I must say is they do seem to dry out a bit fast so I would put some chapstick on first before putting on the gloss.

Next up is the candles and OMG the whole box smelled like blueberries when I opened it! Sorry I don't have an individual picture of them since as of this moment when I'm writing this review. They are gone cause they smelled too good not to use right away! BUT if you go to Glam Box LLC on Facebook you will see that you can get a 15%discount off the candles by using the code GLAMBOX just scroll down and she has a link to the Sweet&Shimmer page. (Another thing I love about this box is that they promote and support small businesses) so if you're a small business that would be interested in having your products featured in one of the boxes send an email to Glam Box LLC on Facebook and tell her I sent ya!
Next up is Sebastian Whipped Creme 
I gotta say I thought this would be just another styling mousse (and I'm not really a fan of them), but it's more like a conditioning treatment in the form of mousse. And it really does look like whipped cream when it comes out (yes I totally admit that little things like that make me happy). So I put this in my hair not expecting much even though it was obvious it was not regular mousse and was pleasantly surprised to see that after I got it all in on my hair (it was dry so I think I'll try it on my hair after my shower later and it will be easier to blend in) it felt like I had put a conditioning spray on my hair. So I'll definitely be looking for more of this stuff!
Next up is the nail polish remover pads -those are the those lil round things in the main picture. I got 2 sets. One was grape scented and the other one was tropical scented. The scents were great, and as I said on their Facebook page they were light enough to not trigger a migraine. (this is a big plus in my book!) They also came in really handy since I had polish to swatch. I really liked the fact that they didn't have a problem getting off my current glitter mani, which is really hard considering the polish pads were acetone free. They do have some kind of moisterizing oil in them since my fingers did feel a bit oily after using them. Even after using one and rubbing my hands together to try to absorb it I still had to wipe my hands off with a paper towel to get the rest off. Mind you this was just with one pad, but I guess it's better to have too much than too little I suppose. 
Ok last but not least is the polish in the box! 
This is a pink cream I received called "Lovers Day" by Bonita  Its a really cute pink almost barbie pink. But it's also a one coater, so if you like pink and don't have much time this is for you . It applies really smooth, and the brush is not too big so you can get into the sides of your nails easily (I don't know if this is an issue for most people but I have skinny fingers so as a result my nails are skinny and the inside curve is an issue for me. But Im also pretty OCD too.)
Im already planning spring mani's with this color and maybe some stamping with it too :) 
Next is this blue jelly called "Yacht Club"by Bonita 
One coat is really pretty if you want the jelly look and a blue that is deeper than most jellies, but 2 coats as pictured is beautiful, well at least to me. It's a great winter blue but yet still makes you think of the summer. But be warned this polish is so pigmented that I needed 2 remover pads to clean up my one swatched hand.  *note I did use a base coat and topcoat of 3 minute artificials on all my swatches, I did not get any staining from the blue*

Ok last but certainly not least my absolute favorite thing in the box (well other than the chocolate) is a glitter red Orly called "Star Spangled"! I loved this so much that I have made it my current mani :) 
I also admit I may be a little bit biased since I do like Orly polish, but I'm also a fan of glitter and such. This polish like all Orly polish went on smooth and is a pretty pink red sparkle jelly with one coat if your wanting something subtle, but I'm the go big or go home type so it's 2 coats for me! 2 coats will give you the true beauty of this polish. It's perfect for the holidays or to use as a great pedi to keep your spirits up during these cold months :)

Ok guys ! That is it till January's box! If you liked what you saw you can subscribe or even order one box for $15.00 and if you tell them I referred you (Melissa Spangle) I would be forever grateful :)

Click HERE for the site!

Their Facebook page is Glam Box LLC
She is already showing teaser's for the next box and I can't wait to get it!

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