Monday, December 30, 2013

Guest Post!! Glam Box Review by Melissa!

So this new company was advertised in some of the beauty and polish groups I am in and I figured for $15.00 why not? I really didn't know what to expect but it its described as the same idea as ipsy and birch box and I love those so it was an instant sell for me! As you can see from the picture above the first thought I had when I opened it was WOW this is no Ipsy! (I just signed up for Birchbox and my first box is on it's way to me.)
I had thought that when they asked in my profile survey if I was married it was just for statistic purposes,but no they thought of my hubs and sons as well :) 
Warning! Spoiler Alert! :)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Birchbox December 2013 Unboxing!

WARNING! Lots of pictures!
So I've been ever so patiently waiting for my very first Birchbox to arrive for over two weeks and IT FINALLY CAME TODAY!!! Hooray!! :)
For those of you who don't already know, Birchbox is pretty much the first beauty subscription box there was, and has been around for awhile. Like one of my favorites, Ipsy, for just $10 a month they send you 4-5 samples of higher end products to try out before you buy them. I like the idea of having both Birchbox and Ipsy because most of the time they do very different brands in their sampling. Plus Birchbox sends out special treats in their boxes, that so far, I'm pretty impressed with. I think these cheaper sub boxes are a GREAT way to try out products that you normally wouldn't buy on your own. I've already fallen in love with one of my items I received!
Another great benefit is that when you review your items you build up points that you can redeem in the Birchbox store for fullsized things that you love. You also get points for purchases and referrals. Every 100= $10 in the Birchbox store.
If you'd like a referral to Birchbox, please use my referral link HERE. :)
Keep reading to see what I got!! Spoiler alert!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream Review

While I don't have any actual pictures of my hands to share with you in my review of this product, I absolutely, positively, HAVE to review it, even if it has been reviewed by a million other people.
Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream IS AMAZING. It smells like heaven. It doesn't have that typical artificial lemon pledge or Lysol scent. But it smells like sweet, lovely delicious real lemons. If you use it along with vanilla hand lotion, EVEN BETTER! I will catch myself sitting here sniffing my hands like a weirdo. 
Anyway, this this stuff is a MUST have for anyone who does their nails all the time with dried out cuticles like me. Or for anyone who works with their hands, washes their hands all the time, or just has dry cuticles in general. This product has worked WONDERS for my dry cracked cuticles in the last month of using it. Within a week of use I saw a very noticeable change in my cuticles and nail beds. After a month, they aren't completely perfect like I want them to be, but they aren't peeling on the sides anymore, and they don't have any parts that are so dry they are bleeding. 
The best part is, this stuff usually runs at least five bucks by itself and I got a deal at Ulta where I picked it up with a mango lip balm in a Christmas set for only $4.99! (plus I had a coupon which is even better!)
Here's what it looks like for those of you who don't already know! It's magical. Now GO BUY IT! :D You can pick some up HERE AT THIS LINK from Amazon for the set I purchased for Ulta for only $1.99 Plus Shipping!!! It's an AWESOME DEAL! I may pick up a couple more for myself. OR if Mango Lip balm isn't your thing, Here's ANOTHER LINK for a BIGGER cuticle cream that is double the size of the regular one for only $2.49 plus shipping! :D

Happy Shopping! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!
Xx Ashley C.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Julep After Christmas Sale!!

UPDATE! 12/26/13-12/31/13!!!!!
I posted this on my Julep steals and Deals page but I want to post it here just in case anyone misses it!!! I'm SUPER Happy to announce that Julep is having ANOTHER Warehouse sale!!! Starting today running until 12/31/13! Hurry up and get your shopping done because everything will sell out FAST! :D

They have some REALLY cute sets for jus $9.99 and if I wasn't totally broke from Christmas I'd definitely be all over this sale!! :D I'd be picking up Carrie for $4.99, Etta for $2.99 AND a crystal nail file for only $3.99!! :D
Xx Ashley C.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone! Santa Nails for Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my readers!! I hope you and your families have an awesome day today!! :D
For Christmas, I'm just going to show you my Santa nails I did last night, since these are going to be the last Christmas nails I post until next year. 2014 is going to be the best nail art year yet! I can feel it!! They are a little bit messy, but hey, it's all about the holiday spirit right?! My Santa looks kind of like a white Papa Smurf but that's okay :D

For these I used:
China Glaze - Just be Claws
Butter London - Marbs
Julep - Nicolette (This is a really awesome white, Chynel doesn't believe me, but I swear it rivals Cotton Buds by Butter London)
Julep - Minnie
Sinful Colors - Black on Black
HK Girl Topcoat! ( The best topcoat ever made, if you haven't tried it, do, because it will change your life!)

I know they're messy and this photo quality is awful but I think they're pretty adorable!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays you guys!
Xx Ashley C. & 2 Girls 1 Blog 
& Tiddle

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ashley's Top Ten Eye Essentials!

Chynel and myself definitely have different taste in makeup. :) Here are my TOP TEN essential products. Most are things that I use every single day, and if not I use them everytime I'm trying to be fancy with my makeup! Some of these I have used for years and others I never would have found without the help of Ipsy. Hope you enjoy!
Keep reading to see my faves!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Top Ten Favorite Nail Polishes!

So this was really way harder than I anticipated. Doing my top ten lippies was pretty easy, but there's just so many polishes that I couldn't live without. I'm probably going to do a top ten Julep post later on, but for now, here are my top ten favorite polishes of the moment!!! :)

Here's flash vs. no flash just to give you a better idea of color. Since it's nighttime and there is no sunlight for me to take pics in. 
From left to right:
Who's ready for some messy swatches?!?!?! I know I am!
From top to bottom: Kai, Carly, Rebel, Cotton Buds
Cotton buds is the most amazing white ever. If you don't own it, you definitely need to. Just saying. Chynel and I are in agreement. 
Here's a shot of Denver with no flash
Carly is really hard to photograph without it glaring up. And you can't really see the awesome texture of Kai. 
But you kind of can here.

This hand's even messier!! This is Carter, Popples, Jackie, Forget Now, and Avery
By the way I just got Avery today and am in love. It's like the most perfect Barbie pink. It looks like pink plastic I love it. Not overly shiny and it's amazing.
Carter is amazing because its really really glittery and nice and textured. The pixie dusts are so textured that I can use a topcoat, and still feel some of it through. With the Julep Sea Salts, I can't.
Popples is also one of my most favorites. I know I already did a post about it but I just LOVE the glitter!

Well, that's pretty much it!! Tomorrow I will be doing the Top Ten Eye post. I'm really excited for it. :) 
What are some of your favorite polishes?????? There are TONS more that I love that I didn't put on here. Like Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker, any glow in the dark polish, All of the other pixie dusts. It was really really hard to narrow it down. I just decided to go with what I can't seem to stop painting my nails with. :)
As always, don't forget to subscribe and follow us on Facebook to get all the updates!

Xx Ashley C.

Top Ten Eye Products by Chynel :)

So Ashley had this crazy idea to do a top ten so since she and I are into completely different things, She thought it would be a great idea to give you all another view of the top ten. So I am going to share my top ten and what I consider must haves for your favorite eye looks! I will also post links if you would like to buy them. 

So to start off my number one thing I love the most is my Urban Decay Primer Potion Original. This allows you to have the perfect base to start your eye make up and it holds that shadow for at least two days. I know that sounds gross but being a new mommy, some times you just don't have time for yourself. I like the original the most as they do have 5 different kinds. 

Number two -  Bdellium Tools, Studio Line, Eyes 776,  Blending Brush. Words cannot describe my love for this brush. I own Sigma, Mac, Sephora, Elf, Eco-tools, and Bdellium brushes. I have spent so much stink-in money on brushes and in my honest opinion Bdellium is the best. I feel like Sigma is just a big stupid hype! A lot of gurus on YouTube will go crazy over them but you have to take in account that Sigma basically gives them all their brushes for free to help promote them and does pay a few of them. So don't fall for it! Bdellium is amazing, they are high quality and cost much much less then the other brands except the drugstore of course. I purchase mine off amazon. This brush is so amazing, it blends so incredibly well. It has never shed (like sigma's version) and has lasted me forever. I love love LOVE their brushes. 

Number threeeee! -  Urban Decay Eyeshadow in the shade Habit! It is in the Vice 2 Palette and I don't believe it is sold by itself since the Vice 2 Palette is limited edition. It is just a beautiful pinkie neutral all over shade. It is just gorgeous. I have the Naked 3 and really wish it was in it or some thing similar.

Number IV -  Urban Decay Naked Palette - I own all the Naked Palettes and I absolutely love Rose Golds but since I have my amazing yellow Asian skin, I still reach for this palette every single time I do my daily routine. The shades are just amazing and the value is good. I love the shade sidecar in this palette and pretty much all the rest. This palette just gives you so many looks and I just love doing a nude look and this palette provides that. And like I always say, Urban Decay is just the best. I absolutely love them, they just are amazing quality.

Number Five - Naked Basics. I absolutely love this little palette! They are all mattes and the perfect combination of them. You have your highlight, your all over base shade, the perfect blending color/transitioning colors and another for smoked or for liner. This is such a must have and it is great for the price!

Number Mu- Emite Makeup Micronized Eyeshadow in Damson Black. So this came in the Glossybox in November 2013 and a lot people hated it. I am guessing it is for a smoked eye look but I am so in love with this shadow for applying over your gel eyeliner. It is such a wonderful bold black matte shadow that looks so amazing if you put it over your liner. It allows you liner to stay put all day and it looks much more appealing in my opinion. 

Number Siete! -  NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, I know I already posted an eye primer but some days when I feel like I am doing just a bit too much Urban Decay I go for this primer. Overall I love the way this one feels on my lids, its super smooth and soft. Some times I just like to switch it up a bit! This one in my opinion does make the color pop a little more but it doesn't last as long as the Urban Decay but it does last all day and no one really needs their makeup to last more then 24 hours haha.

Number Acht- Tarte Mascara Lights Camera Lashes - This is my absolute favorite mascara, Tarte is such a wonderful brand and their makeup is good for you! They put a ton of amazing ingredients in it. When I do my lashes, I am that person who wants those crazy spider lashes. I want those bug eye lashes lol. So I only have to apply about 2 or 3 coats of this amd I am good to go! I used to use like 5 mascaras before, but this solved my problem! 

Number NEUN!! - Maybelline Studio Gel Eye liner in the blackest black! I really do love this liner more then the other high end brands. Although I am trying to replace it, I feel like there is one out there with more potential. I do find this one dries up kinda fast, which I mean before I can use it all up. BUT this is still a great product and alot better then the other ones I try and for the price you cannot beat it but I will find one that can! Haha. The brush that comes with, you can toss it. I use my Sigma Angled Liner brush.

Last but definitely NOT least Number 10! -  Mac Copperplate- So I know this is supposed to be for the eyes but I don't think your eye look is complete unless you do your brows. So the only thing I use for my brows is eye shadow. I find that brow products tend to look fake during the middle of the day no matter how much the product says it will look natural. Mac Copperplate eye shadow is amazing for me. I have jet black hair since I am Japanese and this is the absolute perfect match and I love mac shadows. So this is a win for me!

So this is my top ten eye products! If you have any questions please comment below!
Thanks, Chynel Webb!

Naughty and Nice Mystery Box by Julep

So during Julep's 12 days of Christmas giving thing, I was really hoping there would be a mystery box as their last day but there wasn't, lame sauce but they did end up doing one and I jumped all over it with my 40 percent off code a friend gave me since I skipped last month maven box. I also totally regret it, and kinda want to skip this months box as well but I dont want to end up regretting it so we will see haha. So I got the mystery box which was $24.99 and the Mystery Add-on which was $9.99 for $20.99. So I am super excited about that. It took 6 days to get here which is crazy because I got free 2 day shipping with it, but if anyone knows Julep, 2 days is really a week in the Julep world like Ashley told me haha. Although when my box arrived, it was well worth the wait! So the Naughty & Nice box was featuring two brand new colors Aviva and Brenda. 

I am super pleased with this box. I have really wanted to try alot of these things! Ashley raves about this rockstar lotion so I was dying to get it and it is amazing, I love the smell of it. I really want to find a perfume with the same scent. As soon as I tried it I got a fullsize tube of it.
So here is a list of everything I got!
Julep Lip Gloss - Timeless
Julep Blank Canvas Primer
Julep Kajal Eye Glider
Julep Rock Star hand cream 1 oz 
Julep Green tea blotting papers
Julep Aviva
Julep Brenda
Julep Nellie
Julep America
Julep Jane
Julep Joanna
Julep Faye
Julep Lois

And a few samples of their Luxe serum and cream

So overall this was a pretty sweet deal and an even better one if you got lucky and put the discount code in before they stopped them! I also did my nails with Aviva and Brenda! 
(I put Brenda over Cotton buds by Butter London since it is so sheer)

Thanks for stopping by!
Chynel Webb :)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

UmCheeky December Mini Review

Finally, this week I received my UmCheeky order for December. It was technically supposed to be for November, but my card expired it and I didn't realize it until like two weeks later.OOPSIE :)
This is probably going to be my last month with UmCheeky, since I have gotten like ten pairs of underwear from them and I don't really need any more in the same style. Currently they only send out "cheeky" style underwear, and quite honestly I would like to receive some boyshorts and thongs as well. They say they are going to add that option in later, and if they do I will resubscribe in a heartbeat.

For those of you who haven't read my other posts on UmCheeky, It stands for Unmentionably Cheeky. They're a really great underwear subscription service where for only $6 a month you can get two super cute pairs of undies right in your mail box with 100% satisfaction guarantee. While I've had a couple of quality based issues with the goodies I've received, they have excellent customer service and any tiny issue you have, will be fixed immediately. One time I received a pair with a rip in them, and they sent me TWO as a replacement within like two days. That's what I call good customer service. :) They're a small company based in New York, run by a husband and wife.
This is what I received this month from Um Cheeky:

Overall, I'm pretty please with the two I received. The only issue I have is that I have received these exact undies in different colors already. That's okay though, because I really liked both styles! If you're looking to amass a HUGE underwear selection, this is definitely an option to consider! Like I said it's only $6 a month, if you use the code FALL13 you will lock in that price FOREVER!

Later tonight I will be posting some more nail art! I can't wait!
Have you tried UmCheeky? What did you think??

Until next time,
Xx Ashley C.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December Starlooks Box

So the best part of having a Starlooks Sub Starbox is the december box. They always do one of their 99 dollar palettes. I was hoping and praying it would be their new years eve palette. Side note if you dont know what a starbox is, it is a monthly subscription for 15 dollars a month plus shipping and you get 3-4 fullsize Starlooks products. I switched my sub from Ipsy over to them since they are basically giving away starlooks products anyways, I might as well be subbed to them. So lets do an unboxing!

So it comes just like this, last years box was red and sparkly but they did the regular white box which I am kinda sad about but its just a box lol. 
This was the first thing inside and its the details of the box and what is inside. 
I am so happy it is the New Years Eve Palette! Yay!

So this is what the New Year's Eve Palette looks like, It is so gorgeous! I am so happy!

Alright time for some swatches! The first picture below is the going L-R the first 7 and then the remainder 8 on the second picture. 

It is such a beautiful Nude palette which are my favorites! The eyeshadows are very pigminted and creamy. It did contain mattes which were not as much creamy but you can still work with it. I dont know if in my opinion it is worth the 99 dollars but it definitely is the best 17 dollars I ever spent. It is not as wonderful as Urban Decay but it is still extremely well. If you want to sign up for Starbox please use my referral link which I will place below. One of the great things about the Starbox is that if you refer anyone you get a free referal customizable box and every three boxes you get monthly you get a free reward surprise so they really take care of their customers. Thank you all for looking, this is definitely a must buy if you decide to buy the monthly box of December which will only be 25 dollars!

Thanks again, love Chynel Webb <3
Link is below!

Also there are promo codes as well right now
40% off their entire site is the code : IPSY
If you want to just get this months December box and only pay $21.68 use the code: ILOVESTARLOOKS 

Urban Decay Naked 3

So I am super late when it comes to posting it, but the baby has been driving me up the walls along with Christmas and what not, who cares about excuses lets get down to business. So as soon as they announced the Naked 3, I knew I needed to make room in my wallet and in my Muji. I was so excited!! So they had it up for sale on the Urban Decay website but I like rewards so I waited for it to hit Sephora because I use my Sephora points and I believe I deserve to get some thing for drop loads of cash at their store. So Sephora is my place to go! So the night it was available on their site which I believe was the 6th of December. I placed my order. Like usual it takes two days to get here and it did.

So a little back ground to the Naked Palettes by Urban Decay. They are an eyeshadow palette giving you the option to have a very nude and subtle look or do the complete opposite! They now have 3 different Naked palettes. The first one is a Bronze Gold Neutrals, the Second one is a Taupe- Hued Neutrals, and the Third one is a Rose Gold set of Neutrals. So I absolutely love my first Naked palette, it is so beautiful and I am able to create so many different kinds of looks. I am a very nudey type girl so these palettes definitely scream for my name! The second one is not my favorite, I hardly ever used it so I just gave it to my sister and she loves it. 

So lets do the unboxing first. It comes in a very pretty Rose Gold and Embedded designed box. So below is the front and the back of the box.

So when I take it out of the box, it comes in the same kind of tin that the Naked 2 came in which honestly is a huge disappointment for me. I really hate the tin, to me if feels very cheap and it is not super easy to close like the first Naked design where it was like a magnetic velvet. Although there are some positives to this design, it is harder to break the eyeshadows.... I guess? No I just hate it but it doesn't really matter what the outside looks like what matters is the product inside. So below is what the palette looks like being closed.

So now for the fun part, the inside of the palette. Packed with 12 BEAUTIFUL Rose Gold Neutrals this palette is just amazing. Below is a picture of the entire palette and then I will do closes up of the left side and the right side. 

So the left side contains the colors going L-R, Strange which is a beautiful highlight matte color, Dust which is extremely in my opinion glittery so you have to be careful with her because she will have fallout but if you work with it, she will we be so beautiful! Then we have Burnout, Limit which is another matte which is my favorite for that transitioning blending color, then we have Buzz and Trick. Trick is so freaking beautiful. I think that might be my favorite. 

Now the last six going L-R again, we have Nooner which is another wonderful matte. I like this shadow for the base of my shadow for all over the lid. Then we have this beautiful shimmery shadow called Liar which I absolutely love and kinda want this one to be my favorite only because my favorite Urban Decay Lipstick is called Liar. Then we have Factory which is a beautiful Shimmery Rosey Brown, Then we have Mugshot and I love love love this one. It is a shimmery brown grey and it is just gorgeous! I have used this eyeshadow every single time. It just looks so timeless. Then we have Darkside which is perfect for a light liner look and then we have our beloved Blackheart which is so beautiful, it is a nice smoked black with pretty like dark pink flicks in it. It is nice to have some thing then a traditional black in the palette like usual. 

So lets do some swatching! 
I am going to do the first six L-R and then the last six the same way. 

So above we have Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick.

And then we have Nooner, Liar (My favorite along with Mugshot, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.

So you also get a double ended brush with this palette and UD always has pretty amazing brushes. Although I love my bedullium brushes out of all my brushes so this one probably wont be touched unless mine all of my brushes are dirty. And you also got a little booklet of primer samples. Which is a bit of a complaint with me, I really am disappointed that you dont get a deluxe freebie like you do with the rest of the palettes. But back to what I was saying what matters is what is inside of the palette. So I am very happy with this purchase, I absolutely love rose gold eyeshadows so this was a must have. Anyone who already owns the other two Nakeds this is a great palette to add to your collection. They are still extremely buttery and like always you can trust Urban Decay with their products, they are always amazing. If you guys have any questions just comment below! 
Love Chynel Webb! <3

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Tree Nails Pictorial!

As promised, here is a tutorial for super easy Christmas Tree nails! You can use any colors you want, but I used:
Julep - Rebel
Zoya - Chita (This links to amazon where you can buy the fall '13 pixies for 7.34 with FREE SHIPPING!!!)
Butter London - Marbs
Pretty & Polished - The Amazing Technicolor Topcoat
Seche Vite Topcoat

Start by painting your nails whatever base color you picked. :)  I used Julep Rebel for my base. It's my favorite matte silver holo.
After your base color dries. Apply tape in a triangle shape to whatever fingers you want to add the tree to. You can use striping tape for this as well, but I found that if you get some of the sticky off the regular tape first and stick it on, it's easier since you don't have to worry about painting beyond the stripe tape.

Then paint on your tree. With the tape you don't have to worry about making a big mess.
Let that dry for about a minute then remove the tape while it's still a little wet. Be careful so you don't peel off any of the nailpolish.

Next decorate your tree! I used Butter London Marbs to add on zig zags and added a little gem to the top for a star. :)
Then, If you want you can add some glitter so it looks like there are ornaments, and add your topcoat to finish them off! :)

That's all there is too it! Easy right?! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and as always make sure and like us on Facebook and follow us on here so you don't miss any posts! :)

Happy Holidays!
Xx Ashley C.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ipsy December 2013 Unboxing!

It's that time again!! My December Ipsy bag has arrived. Aside from the perfume leakage that it seems like everyone experienced, I'm mostly okay with my bag. It wasn't the most exciting bag or anything. I figured there would be a Christmas theme or something, but I did redeem my points for a Beauty Blender that I am very excited to have in my life! :)

Here's what I received: English Laundry Perfume, Nyx Lipstick, Nicka K Nail Polish, Be a Bombshell The One Stick, Pop Beauty Eyeshadow Trio, and my Beauty Blender

For those of you who aren't subscribed, Ipsy is an awesome subscription service where for $10 a month you receive 5 full or deluxe sample sized beauty items, ranging from skin care, to makeup, to nail polish. If you are thinking about signing up, make sure and check out my other reviews located HERE for November,  HERE for October, and HERE for September. Then use my referral link please HERE

Here is a closer look at the Nicka K Nail Polish I received. I don't really like red, but it's a pretty nice bright color. I traded it for some eyelashes. I'm glad I didn't receive the ugly brown nail polish color by Nicka K.
This is the Pop Beauty Eyeshadow Trio in Smokin' Hot. It's a pretty nice little palette for smoky eyes and I tried it out tonight. I did unfortunately notice a little bit of creasing in the middle color, but I think a better eye primer would solve that. Here's some swatches and my makeup. :)
I really like the middle grey color. It's got a really nice shimmer to it, and the dark color is great for creases. A little goes a long way with these colors.
Here's all three on. They blend together very nicely.
Here's the Be a Bombshell... The One Stick. I received the color Flustered. It's a really nice red color with a tiny bit of shimmer. I haven't tried it on my cheeks or eyes yet. I don't think I would actually use this color on my eyes, I think it would crease alot and look weird, but its a really great lipstick and is huge.
Sorry for the blurry photo, but here is my Nyx Round Lipstick in Iris. It looks really pretty on my hand, but totally washes out on my face. I like nude lipsticks and had high hopes. However, it does look great mixed with The One Stick. Here's some swatches:

And here's the two colors mixed together on my lips. It created a really nice, soft pinkish red color that I absolutely love. Definitely my new favorite color for winter.

Here's the perfume sample. It's a 5mL size sample which is pretty nice and the bag came with a men's and a women's. They both smell really nice in my opinion and my husband was super excited to actually receive something he could use for once. Unfortunately, however, they leaked, so I will have to wait to receive my replacement to get the full product sample.

Last but not least, my beauty blender. I used it today for the first time and it pretty much changed my makeup life. I don't usually use liquid foundations because they go on too thick and cause me to look weirdly colored or break out. But this bad boy made it go on like a dream. It has a small end for precision which I really love for my under eye area. :) Everyone should own one of these!!

Here's a list of promo codes from this month's bag! Hope you enjoyed the post! I can't wait to receive my first Birch Box in a few weeks so I can review it too!

Pop Beauty 25% off any Purchase - EyeLuvPop
Be a Bombshell 40% off any purchase and a free blush - Ipsy40
Nicka K 30% off any purchase - Ipsy
Nyx 35% off the Slim Lip Pencil - IpsySlim
English Laundry Free gift with $75+ Purchase & Free Shipping - No code
Mirabella 30% off any purchase - ipster
Demeter 20% off any purchase - Ipsy20dfl
J Cat Beauty 30% off any purchase - jcatlips
Jesse's Girl Cosmetics 20% off any purchase - Ipsydec2013
Starrily 20% off any purchase - Ipsy

Keep your eyes open, I'm doing Christmas tree nails tonight! Definitely going to post a tutorial for them! :)

Happy Holidays!!
Xx Ashley C.