Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nyx HD Photogenic Concealer & Matte Lipstick Double Review!!

As promised, today I am reviewing the green concealer and pink lipstick I got in my epic haul at Ulta last week. I am absolutely, positively in love with both of these items and in my opinion there is no turning back now.  I love this lipstick more than words & the concealer is fabulous too.

Up first I will review Nyx's HD Photogenic Concealer in the color green. Until this point I'd never tried the magic that is green concealer,  but I'd been really interested in it. Why the heck would anyone want to use green concealer you ask?  Well green is on the opposite side of the color wheel as red, therefore it neutralizes any redness/acne on your face.

 Here's what it looks like compared to my skin.  Kind of a weird minty green color. 
Here's a fancy picture of what it looks like when you dot it on and then rub it in. You kind of resemble the incredible hulk. lol :)
You dab a little bit of this on any of your ugly red zits or other yucky red spots on your face, apply regular foundation over top,  and voila! Redness be gone!  It really does work too!  I've been super acne prone lately for some reason after a good month of having awesome clear skin so I got this just in time. You can barely even tell any of my hideous bad skin is under there with this concealer on. It's awesome! I highly,  highly recommend this product and honestly,  for only $4.99 you really can't beat it.  Especially when Ulta has Nyx for buy one get one half off!

Here's a pic of my face upclose, after all my makeup was complete. As you can see, there is visible green concealer and also no red spots or acne!

Next, lets talk about this gorgeous matte lipstick. This is also by Nyx, and I bought this in the shade Summer Breeze! This is my first pink matte lipstick and I'm super glad I got it instead of the regular kind that I originally had in my hand.
Here is a pic with no flash of Nyx's Summer Breeze. It's super pink and very pretty! :)
& Here is another pic with flash to give you a better idea of what it looks like in real life!

I've used matte red before and really liked it, so I figured why not give this a whirl. Maybe I'm biased because of my pink lippie habit, but the color is absolutely gorgeous and it lasts all day long with only a couple of touch ups along the way from eating, drinking, and smoking. It's also a really great color for ombre lips, which I tried today. If I had to describe this color, it's like a hot hot baby pink color, but since it's matte it really stands out. I'm in Love!  If you're into matte lippies, definitely grab some of these! I plan on buying more of these as soon as possible. They only cost $5.99 which is way cheaper than high end lipsticks and still cheaper than most drugstore lipsticks BUT it drastically out performs them both!
And here's a picture of all of my makeup from the day I made this tutorial! I also used my CK One Mascara that I got from the Ulta haul for my birthday gift... BTW it is WONDERFUL!
I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I have tons more coming this weekend!! Check out the Facebook page for sneak peek posts that I put up earlier!! :)
Happy Valentine's Day!
Xx Ashley C.

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