Thursday, February 27, 2014

Posh review

So a few weeks ago my friend Stacey started selling posh and she sent me some samples and they are just lovely! I'm sorry it took so long to get this posted. *Omg if you could smell these!*

Okay for the first sample is the Squeaky Green Clean deep cleaning face mask.
It's really great I mean it just doesn't totally strip everything out of your face or anything but does what it says . Leaving your face smooth and soft. And Im not really a face mask type of girl, but I may convert now that I have tried this!

Next is the Wakey Wakey skin stick
This actually had 2 purposes for me
The first one was that as a needle worker my wrist always start to hurt after a while and so of course I had to try it on my wrist and it works fabulous; the second was I am all about the nails and trying to keep them up and so of course I had to try to my cuticles and it worked like a dream! So this is a multi use stick and that's always a plus in my book.

Next is the Take it all off stripper mask
Again Im not really a mask person, but Im willing to try anything once. This did look a bit intimidating but the smell was ok so why not (after all when we sign up for reviews we have to be willing to try anything within reason) what I really liked about this was that you did not have to put on a really thick layer you only needed a thin layer, at least for me and just leave it on for maybe like 5 -20 min depending on what your skin type is. Mine is combination skin so I left it on for 5 since it's been a bit dry with the winter weather. Worked great and revived my skin after s hard week of makeup. I would suggest only using this once a week since it gets rid of everything and follow up with your regular moisturizer cream or try the one listed below.

Next is Moisturize 911
I used this after the stripper mask even though its s daily cream. Still did the job to restore my face and smells great too! I had enough left over to use the next morning under my makeup and it didn't makemy face greasy at all ( I used a bb cream) and that is usually a problem for me. Also my makeup lasted well with minimal powder applications needed during the day.

Last but not least is the Snarky bar. It's their best selling product and for good reason! While I only revived a small sample, I fell in love immediately. I got the original pink one but im eyeing the Brazilian Snarky bar they just came out with. The pink one is the perfect light scent for me. Essentially it's s buffing bar for your body like you would use a pummice bar in the shower for your feet. Personally since I received a small sample I of course went to town on the rough spots on my palms. Yea when the instructions say be careful as this bar is snarky they're not joking LOL. Yes my hands were a little sore but this was my own fault since I wanted smooth hands like that day. But all is well I just followed the instructions the next day and now my hands are all pretty.

If your interested in any of these products just check out Stacey's posh page for more great stuff she has
I already have a mental wish list in my head .


Happy Birthday to ME Cupcake Nails!!

So like I said last night, today was my 25th birthday. It wasn't the most spectacularly eventful birthday, but it was definitely special. :) For my birthday I decided to do cupcake nails, like I did last year, so I could compare them and see how much progress I've made in doing my nails over the last 12 months. I'm super pleased with myself and I am DOUBLE super pleased with my nails for the day!!! :D
Let's see what you think...

Last years:
I mean they're not HORRIBLE or anything, but they are pretty messy and this picture is awful. :)

Left Hand
Right Hand

They're freaking awesome.
Inspired by the best cupcake/cake EVER! :)

Xx Ashley C.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pretty & Polished March Beauty Box Review!

It's 12:30 AM and officially my birthday!! YAY Happy Birthday to ME!
I am majorly slacking off on blogging lately, but I've been dealing with the loss of a job as well as the emotional baggage that goes along with that. I've been meaning to post this up for a week or two now, and I've mentioned it a couple of times to you so here it is!!!

Earlier this month, Pretty & Polished announced their new Beauty Boxes! Each month they are going to be offering a subscription box full of 2 full sized polishes, a mini of an older polish that is currently sold in the store, a beauty/skin care product, as well as other bonus items to go along with that! Pretty in Polished is my favorite indie brand ever EVER, so this works for me. I will ultimately probably end up cancelling my Julep subscription for this, or at least one of my other subscriptions, once my three months runs out.  That being said, they are offering this in 1, 3, 6, and 12 month lengths but the one month option sold out QUICK this month, so you have to be super fast! It's $22 and you can purchase one HERE! If you love these colors, you can actually still get a 3 month subscription and get a March box right now! So head on over!

My March box contained:
Matte Topcoat
Liquid Gold
Day in the Park
Jawbreaker (mini)
Coffee Junkies cuticle balm stick
Nail File
Flower Fimo Stick
15% off coupon for March

Now, before I get to the swatches, I want to talk about the other stuff. First things first, I use their regular cuticle balm on the regular in the scent Coffee Junkies and am pretty much just as addicted to it as I am coffee. I was super stoked to receive this in stick form because it is infinitely more portable and easier/less messy to apply. This stuff smells GREAT, just like a fresh cup of coffee.
As for the Fimo stick, I've never used one of these before but this little thing is pretty cute, and I will probably cut off a slice or two and try it closer to summer. And I don't know about you, but I can never have enough nail files, so that was a happy bonus as well. 

I'm very, very happy with the March Box! I've been DYING to try a matte topcoat for awhile now, so I was super excited to find this item! And LUCKY for you guys, I tried it tonight for my pre-birthday nails. 

This is "Cutie Pie" from their limited edition Sweetheart Duo this Valentine's day with "Day in the Park" as an accent nail. "Cutie Pie", the yellow, is actually already matte, but the topcoat made it even better, and I really like that there is no shine AT ALL. I will say that my bottle of "Day in the Park" has ALOT of glitter in it and it is a teensy bit hard to work with, but it's definitely still BEAUTIFUL and is even more awesome with the matte topcoat over it. 
Here is a bottle shot of "Liquid Gold". I've been trying to figure out a way to best describe this polish, and what I've come up with is a Bronze/Goldish to Pinkish Duochrome Holo. Does that make sense? It's so so pretty in the sunlight, and while I typically don't love bronze polishes, the holo factor totally sells me.

Here's a flash shot of it so you can see the holo goodness. You can also see the bronze to pink shift in it, which is really subtle and nice. :)
I think it's super appropriate that the first box would have "Jawbreaker" in it. This was my very first indie polish, and also my very first Pretty & Polished color. I've actually already reviewed it on here in November, and you can read it HERE. I love this color, it looks JUST like a Jawbreaker and reminds me of my childhood. It's also got a really great formula. 

I'm happy to say that this box is a total win for me. I usually wait until at least the second month with subscription boxes, just to make sure they aren't going to be horrible, but I'm glad I got this one. I don't think I could have lived with myself if I didn't have "Day in the Park" in my collection for this Spring!
My favorite part of this box is that the colors are exclusive to the month, and they will ONLY be sold in that month's box. How can I pass that up?! 
I hope you like these polishes! If you've never heard of Pretty & Polished, make sure and check them out on their website HERE. They're a GREAT indie brand with awesome customer service, and their products are basically amazing. :)

More posts tomorrow!
Xx Ashley C.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 2014 US Weekly Birchbox Unboxing!

For those of you who don't already know, Birchbox is pretty much the first beauty subscription box there was, and has been around for awhile. Like one of my other favorites, Ipsy, it's just $10 a month and they send you 4-5 samples of higher end products so you can try them out before you purchase them! I've been subscribed for three months now, and my favorite part of the Birchbox program is that as you receive items, you can review them and then receive points towards anything in their store. 100 points =$10, so it's pretty great. If you'd like to subscribe feel free to use my referral link RIGHT HERE!
This month's Birchbox partnered with US Weekly to bring us the latest and greatest brands, so they say, and this is what I received....
**Spoiler Alert!**

Pretty & Polished Old World Blues and Kimono'ver Here Swatches & Review!!

As many of you guys already know, Pretty & Polished is basically my favorite indie brand ever. So, needless to say, I've been SUPER excited to show you all these since I received them the other day!!

Last Monday, Pretty & Polished announced a TON of new colors coming out March 1st including, the "Spring FX" collection, "A New Equation" (which based on the show Adventure Time, and they are AWESOME), two new "Country Girl Swag" polishes, as well as two awesome color changers that were sent to me to review, that I am going to showing you today!

Who's ready for some swatches?!?! *Warning Lot's of Pictures!*

First up is Old World Blues, which is my favorite of the two. It's a holographic polish that is a blue holo when cold and a whiteish/silver holo when warm. I've actually been wearing it for a couple of days just to test it out, since this was my first color changer ever. Not going to lie, I was super excited. :)

This is what it looks like cold. I ran my hands under cold water, but these polishes are super sensitive and also change based on your environment, or if you're like holding a cold drink or something. It's really awesome because when you're wearing them they just change randomly throughout the day.

This picture is just for a bonus. I drink Monsters every day, plus you can tell how blue and shiny it is next to the blue table. :)

Here is what it looks like warm. I like how you can definitely still see that it's holographic.

And here is an awesome picture of what it looks like when I ran the tips under cold water. :)

Up next is Kimono'ver Here. It's a reddish orange to gold color changer with lots and lots of multicolored & Gold flakes in it. It's super pretty and really does remind me of a Kimono! :D 

Here is what it looks like cold. It's nice and bright and you can really see the gold flakes in it! 

And here is warm! I think this color would look really really good on someone with a dark skintone or someone super tan. :) It's a nice light goldish color and I like how you can still see the flakes in it even though they match the polish color! :) 

It looks even cooler when half is warm and half is cool in my opinion. You can really see how complex the polish is! It's super pretty! :) All the little gold flakes like fade into the red. 

So, like I said these two BEAUTIFUL new polishes will be available for purchase on March 1st, as well as the others they are releasing! I'm super excited about all of the changes that were announced last Monday!
They are also releasing a Beauty Box, which I subscribed to as well, and have already, so I will be reviewing that for you very, very soon! 

For more information about the Press Release on 2/10/14 you can CLICK HERE for all the details!!
And to purchase from Pretty & Polish or add it to your favorites for when these babies come out, you can CLICK HERE to visit their website. 
If you don't know anything about them, or haven't heard of them, definitely take a look. As well as nail polish they carry some other GREAT items that I use all the time and love such as sugar scrubs and cuticle balms!

So what do you guys think!?! Love?? I love them.
See you soon with the Beauty Box review!
Xx Ashley C.
*Note these products were provided to me for my honest opinion and review.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Butter London Marshalls HAUL!

So I randomly decided to go to Marshalls the other day in the middle of a unexpected TN blizzard, and found a serious nail polish deal!! Never in a million years did I think there would be Butter London at a place like Marshalls, but they were there, and they were there CHEAP! I picked up each of these for a mere $6.99 a piece, which is way less than the $15 regular price tag.  I also grabbed a bottle of OPI Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling nails for $7.99 so that was over half off as well. I haven't tried it yet, since I'm still testing out Butter London Horsepower, but I will let you know when I do! I've put together a couple swatches for you since I got these!  Hope you enjoy!

First up is Butter London's Jack the Lad. I've been wanting this color ever since I found out about the Butter London Brand!  It's a Moss green shimmer, and definitely a one coater!  Who doesn't love a one coater?! Two if you're like me and do one more for good measure!  :)  Here's a quickie swatch I did on break at work!

Next, I decided to use Butter London Thames & Butter London Scallywag together for a cute, blue and green mani! To me, Scallywag is reminiscent of Julep's Carly and similar to Zoya's Liberty, but without as much texture as Liberty, since it's part of their Pixie Dust line (which btw I have added a link to the Summer 2013 Pixies which are only $7.19 at amazon with free shipping! They're normally $9 plus shipping). Scallywag is described as a full coverage turquoise glitter in a clear base. I used it over Thames and again I only had to do one coat for complete coverage! Thames is also really really beautiful. I love green nail polish first of all, and I love anything shiny too so it's a double win. It's described as a soft, blue green polish with a small undercurrent of gold. I guess the gold is what makes it so shiny. Anyway here's my mani!

Lastly, I purchased Butter London No More Waity, Katie. This one I was on the fence about because it looks kind of weird in the bottle. I think it's going to be passed on to a friend, but some of you may really like it! It's not something I would normally wear for sure. It's described as a soft, lilac glitter,  but I find it to be a bit more on the grayish side with purple glitter just hanging out in it. Here's a swatch of it too for your viewing pleasure! :)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I did!  I love that my Butter London collection us slowing growing larger because they make such GREAT polishes!  As far as I can tell all the ones I own are 1-2 coats for full coverage, but I guess you get what you pay for!  At $15 full price, they're not cheap, but if you can score a deal like I found, definitely scoop some up because they are so worth it!

Up next is my Pretty and Polished beauty box for March!  I'm really really excited to share this with you all, and I have subscribed for a three month subscription so there will be one every month until May! And THERE MIGHT possibly some special swatches of two of Pretty & Polished's new color changers that will be released very soon! Have an awesome Monday!
Xx Ashley C.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Loreal gel kit review

Ok guys I finally got a minute to sit down. So I bought the new L'Oreal Gel Kit not really expecting much since I didn't buy a gel color to use with it but was really hoping for shine and staying power.
I tested it out on 3 of my most used polish to see how it held up to my job. The polish colors are ... Ring finger julep "love" middle zoya "valentina" and pointer finger OPI " Im not really a waitress" So while I went to bed with somewhat shiny nails. No I wasn't really impressed with with the shine,but I didn't use gel polish either so I could not complain much. I was surprised though when I was taking my shower before work Monday morning and had my polish on my right hand ring finger just peel right off. I thought oh great this will be interesting. So that started my Monday off (great start eh?) After work this is how they held up...

The thing that I found odd is that like after the shower, the polish didn't actually chip off but peeled off. In fact I was actually peeling the rest of them off while I was driving home LOL. I thought it would be great if I was wearing glitter polish but no such luck that day. What was left over was a bit more difficult to get off with my regular polish remover pads, so I guess there was a bit more protection. But in the end the shine factor was not there and that really disappointed me. I guess I'll just stick to a good topcoat for now :) ~Melissa

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Nyx HD Photogenic Concealer & Matte Lipstick Double Review!!

As promised, today I am reviewing the green concealer and pink lipstick I got in my epic haul at Ulta last week. I am absolutely, positively in love with both of these items and in my opinion there is no turning back now.  I love this lipstick more than words & the concealer is fabulous too.

Up first I will review Nyx's HD Photogenic Concealer in the color green. Until this point I'd never tried the magic that is green concealer,  but I'd been really interested in it. Why the heck would anyone want to use green concealer you ask?  Well green is on the opposite side of the color wheel as red, therefore it neutralizes any redness/acne on your face.

 Here's what it looks like compared to my skin.  Kind of a weird minty green color. 
Here's a fancy picture of what it looks like when you dot it on and then rub it in. You kind of resemble the incredible hulk. lol :)
You dab a little bit of this on any of your ugly red zits or other yucky red spots on your face, apply regular foundation over top,  and voila! Redness be gone!  It really does work too!  I've been super acne prone lately for some reason after a good month of having awesome clear skin so I got this just in time. You can barely even tell any of my hideous bad skin is under there with this concealer on. It's awesome! I highly,  highly recommend this product and honestly,  for only $4.99 you really can't beat it.  Especially when Ulta has Nyx for buy one get one half off!

Here's a pic of my face upclose, after all my makeup was complete. As you can see, there is visible green concealer and also no red spots or acne!

Next, lets talk about this gorgeous matte lipstick. This is also by Nyx, and I bought this in the shade Summer Breeze! This is my first pink matte lipstick and I'm super glad I got it instead of the regular kind that I originally had in my hand.
Here is a pic with no flash of Nyx's Summer Breeze. It's super pink and very pretty! :)
& Here is another pic with flash to give you a better idea of what it looks like in real life!

I've used matte red before and really liked it, so I figured why not give this a whirl. Maybe I'm biased because of my pink lippie habit, but the color is absolutely gorgeous and it lasts all day long with only a couple of touch ups along the way from eating, drinking, and smoking. It's also a really great color for ombre lips, which I tried today. If I had to describe this color, it's like a hot hot baby pink color, but since it's matte it really stands out. I'm in Love!  If you're into matte lippies, definitely grab some of these! I plan on buying more of these as soon as possible. They only cost $5.99 which is way cheaper than high end lipsticks and still cheaper than most drugstore lipsticks BUT it drastically out performs them both!
And here's a picture of all of my makeup from the day I made this tutorial! I also used my CK One Mascara that I got from the Ulta haul for my birthday gift... BTW it is WONDERFUL!
I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I have tons more coming this weekend!! Check out the Facebook page for sneak peek posts that I put up earlier!! :)
Happy Valentine's Day!
Xx Ashley C.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Awesome Pre-Birthday Ulta Haul!

So it's that time of year. Valentine's Day, My birthday, Tax Time, Bonus at work time, School refund time... So I've been waiting and waiting ever so patiently (NOT) to go to Ulta and hunt for deals (Mostly on Nailpolish). I went on Sunday, and to my dismay, they closed at 6. I was super sad and went to Old Navy to buy flip flops and camis in my despair.

I went back tonight though! And in my opinion I got a PRETTY AWESOME HAUL! I don't have very many actual photos and no swatches yet, as I plan to swatch everything individually, but here is what I got!

Ulta was running a special on Nyx for Buy 1 get 1 half off, and I love Nyx so I HAD to get something from this deal! I picked up Nyx Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze for $5.99 & Nyx HD Photogenic Concealer in Green for $4.99 (Half off, so $2.50!). I've been dying to try out some Green concealer for a long time to see how well it hides blemishes, so I'm pretty excited to try this out tomorrow! Definitely will post a review for you guys to let you know how it holds up! The lipstick I got is SUPER pretty. As you know I LOVE pink lippies & matte lipstick is pretty great too.

You can't really tell how green the concealer is because the flash totally washed this out, but it's like a mint color. :) Isn't the lipstick great!?

The next deal I got was their 2 for $12 China Glaze deal! I normally wouldn't even spend this much for a China Glaze but they had two colors that I really really liked, and one that I have been in search of for a long time. I can't wait to swatch these! I picked up:
China Glaze - It's a Trap-eze! (from the Cirque Du Soleil: World's Away Collection; White w/ lots of glitter)
China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy (from the Party Poolside Collection; Coral Neon)

The next item I HAD to have is Push and Shove from the OPI Gwen Stefani collection. It was $9 but it came with a mini basecoat too which is fine by me. This color supposedly only lasts like 24 hours but it is a Silver Ultra Chrome Mirror Polish. Like crazy chrome. I've heard mixed reviews, but it's too shiny not to have in my life. I can't wait to swatch it! :D

Next is the lovely Zoyas I added to my collection this evening. I decided the other day, that I don't have nearly enough Zoya in my life, and I saw some girls in my swap group talking about some being on clearance at Ulta. I had to dig deep in random bins of nail polish to find these babies, but it was totally worth it.

First up is Zoya - Blaze. The website describes Blaze as a full coverage, cool-toned mulberry red w/ micro fine diamond holo glitter. It's beautiful in the bottle, and I don't even really like red. Dug this out of the clearance pile for $4.99! Can't wait to swatch it! 

I also managed to find Zoya - Payton buried deep for $3.99! It's kind of similar to Blaze, but its described as full coverage, galactic cranberry with holo glitter. Definitely a deeper red!
My nails have been breaking and peeling up a storm lately, so I also grabbed a bottle of Butter London's Horsepower to try out. I definitely paid full price for this, $19, so I hope it's worth it. I've been using some Orly Nail Strengthener, but it just isn't really working out for me. So fingers crossed! Anyone tried this?
Last, but certainly not least, I redeemed my FREE birthday gift. CK One Mascara, valued at $18. I have no idea if this stuff is any good or not. I had no idea this was even a makeup line until I got the coupon for this, but I will definitely let you know how it works out!! It's weird because it comes with two different brush heads, I guess depending how how you want your lashes? I don't really know honestly I haven't used it yet... I just glanced at the bottle. But you can't beat free!!!

All in all, I am really pleased with this Ulta Haul. It's been quite a while since I've been able to buy anything cool for myself in such bulk. Overall I paid about $58 for all of this which isn't too bad considering I saved $27!
I also signed up for the Starlook's Starbox today, as well as a 3 month subscription to the Pretty & Polished Beauty Box! Which is really awesome and is selling out FAST! You get all kinds of stuff with their new sub, including TWO polishes that are ONLY going to be released in that month's box! How awesome is that?!

Anyone gotten anything great in a haul lately?! I'd love to hear about it! 
Goodnight everyone!
Xx Ashley C.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Testing... Testing...

Just making sure I can do this from my phone correctly. If this works you may start a petition to get Ashley to make me be quite :p . I have seen Jessica post her bio, so I figured I may as well let you know who I am. So I'm a mom of 4 have been married almost 20 yrs and own my own business. Trust me when I say this, working is alot easier when it comes to dealing with teens LOL. If were easy to get my sons to do what I want for polish life would be easier but they don't see the beauty in it. Oh well more for me!
Well that about sums me up I'm a pretty simple girl, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments :)


Friday, February 7, 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review!!

I totally have a love/hate relationship with face primers. I love them so so much, but there are some brands that I absolutely despise. And some brand that are men. And some brands that break me out like a teenager. I've been looking for a decent, cheaper substitute for Benefit's The Porefessional for awhile now, and have been unsuccessful in my search.

Until two days ago.
Face Primers
Meet Maybelline's "Baby Skin". As many of you already know I'm a BIG FAN of Baby Lips (See Top Ten Lippies Post HERE), so when I heard about this I knew I must have it. I spent a good ten minutes searching through the Maybelline section at Walmart trying to find this, and FINALLY snagged one for just $5.94. (Much cheaper than the $30 price tag of most higher end primers.) 

This primer, like most of the others, claims to minimize your pores with it's "blur technology". I've been using it for two days, and while it doesn't completely erase my pores like The Porefessional does, for the price, you honestly can't really beat it. They definitely look smaller, which is a HUGE improvement from the Julep primer that I've been desperately trying to use up (least favorite primer ever, sorry Julep!), which doesn't make my pores look any different at all.

Baby Skin makes my normal skin very very smooth, and makes foundation application a breeze!! I wouldn't be able to use it all by itself, but underneath my foundation it looks perfect! It significantly decreases any shininess that I have which is awesome because I like to add my own shine in the right places on my face with highlighter. ;) I also use a matte foundation (gotta review it later, Rimmel Stay Matte) with the baby skin so its double matte face time! 

As for makeup longevity, I've noticed that it makes my makeup last all day long, which is definitely a nice bonus for any primer to do. Actually, that's what I EXPECT them to do, and if it didn't (JULEP) I probably wouldn't use it or buy it again. 

There are some ingredient differences here between the higher end primers and Maybelline Baby Skin. While The Porefessional and Baby Skin are both silicone based, Baby Skin's main ingredient is water, while The Porefessional's is something called Cyclopentasiloxane. Another important difference is that Baby Skin is clear, while the Porefessional is a nice nude, tinted color which I really like. Hopefully in the future they will come out with a tinted version, as I think that is one of the main reasons The Porefessional works for me so well!

The Verdict: I love this primer ALOT. On a budget it is definitely a MUST HAVE beauty item. I'm probably going to be using this all year long and just buy a tiny Benefit or Too Faced primer for nights out.
Maybelline Baby Skin keeps your pores at a minimum, smooths out your skin for flawless foundation application, mattifies your face, and keeps your makeup in place all day!
I don't have a photo of before and after.. But trust me, this stuff is awesome.

Does anyone out there have a favorite primer? Drug Store or High End?
This is my very first drugstore primer. I want to try the Nyx primer next!
Xx Ashley C.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Julep Cupid Mystery Box 2014!

So before I get to reviewing my February Maven box, I figured I'd share with you guys some awesomeness Julep has going on right now on their site.

It's that time of the month/year again! Last year, I actually ordered one of these and it was my VERY FIRST Julep Mystery box!! I was super excited and definitely NOT let down! If you've never tried Julep out before, this is a great way to get your feet wet without making the commitment of actually signing up to be a Julep Maven.
Right now Julep is promoting their Cupid Mystery Boxes!!! They're PERFECT for Valentine's Day AND there are THREE different versions! Each with a different PINK Valentine's limited edition polish! :)
icon icon
FYI - Click the photos throughout for more details or to purchase a box! :)

Aphrodite, Pedi Lover - A Steal at $24.99! (& My favorite!)
"This Cupid's Mystery Box is packed with $75 of pedi-themed polish and product, including a bottle of Aphrodite - Classic with a Twist, a rose with silver metallic microglitter."
Julep Cupid Mystery Box icon
And here's a swatch of Aphrodite! Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?!
    Julep Aphrodite Swatch icon

Lindy, Makeup Lover - ALSO a STEAL at $24.99!
"This Cupid's Mystery Box is packed with $75 of makeup-themed polish and product, including a bottle of Lindy - It Girl, a carnation pink iridescent glitter glaze."
Makeup Lover Mystery Box icon
& Here's a swatch of Lindy, Also SUPER pretty for a Valentine's topper or subtle Mani :)
Julep Lindy Swatch icon

Venus, Mani Lover - Guess what? ALSO $24.99!
"This Cupid's Mystery Box is packed with $75 of mani-themed polish and product, including a bottle of Venus - Bombshell, a pink quartz holographic chunky glitter top coat."
Julep Cupid Mystery Box icon
And Here's Venus. Who doesn't love a chunky Julep Holo Glitter?!
icon icon

My personal favorite is the Aphrodite mystery box!? Which are you ordering? They're all a great value at $24.99 for $75 worth of product! AND don't worry, if you can't decide, you can order one of each Cupid Mystery boxes and since they are all different with different styles, you won't have any chance of receiving any duplicate items! 
However, Julep states "Purchase of multiple Venus, Mani Lover [same goes for the other two] boxes will result in polish or product overlap. Offer may not be combined with any other offer or discount. No exchanges or returns are possible on Mystery Boxes or individual items. Estimated full retail value is $75."
(Sometimes you can get away with entering a coupon code at check out. I did last month.)
You can also purchase add ons with your box, and there's usually a Mystery Add on for $10! Even more Value! Use code BEMINE for any polish free.  :)

Julep usually always has really great Mystery Boxes! Especially if you are a newer Maven or a total newbie to Julep. If you'd like to see an example of their December mystery box, check out Chynel's review of the Naughty & Nice Mystery Box HERE

One more thing! According to their email they sent earlier one lucky person who purchases a box will receive a pair of  1ct. Diamond Earrings!!!

SO Head on over to The Julep Site & Pick up your Cupid Mystery Box for yourself, your Valentine, or whoever & Let me know which one you get! I'll be ordering one too, so I'll definitely be reviewing it later on this month! Better hurry! This offer is only valid until 2/10/14 at 11:59 PST!

Xx Ashley C.

**Note this post contains Affiliate links & all photos provided by Julep**