Monday, January 12, 2015

Madison Reed Root Touch Up Kit Review!!

Hey Ladies!! I don't know if you remember, but a while back I posted about one of my new favorite companies, Madison Reed!! They send out HIGH QUALITY at-home hair dye kits and have recently added a new product to their line; They're Root Touch-Up Kit.

Root Touch Up
I usually wait awhile between dyes so my hair has a chance to heal up after being bleached and fried, so I figured this would be an excellent product for me to test! I was lucky enough to receive a sample to review and share with you guys so here it is! It's also designed to cover up any of your greys that might be showing through between dyes!!! It comes in a purple super portable compact with a nice little mirror like shown above and is so CUTE!

Here's my actual kit I received. It also comes with a little carrying pouch which is a nice touch. Madison Reed has the best packaging. They really take pride in their products!

My hair is currently dyed blonde from being very naturally dark brown, so honestly, it was a little bit hard to review it on my hair. I ordered the light brown shade and while it doesn't lighten my roots to the color I really needed them to be, if you have actual light brown hair it would work perfectly. I will say that these kits cover greys like a BOSS! I've used my kit on my husband as well as my cousin's husband, both of which have light brown hair with lots of greys showing through and they were GONE. We were basically amazed!!! This product is amazing and unlike regular dye, it is a powder and washes out between uses. It also kind of works like a dry shampoo and soaks up excess oil and leaves your hair nice and volumized. If they'd come out with a few more colors I think this product would be sheer perfection!!

 Root Touch Up
And here's the shade I chose in light brown.Seems a teensy bit dark.
 Root Touch Up
And ingredients!

Here's a really nice before and after shot courtesy of Madison Reed. It REALLY does work this well!

Root Touch Up

And here is how you apply it:

Root Touch Up
Essentially you just brush it on like makeup for your hair! Easy Peasy!

So yeah! If you're in between dyes, or frequently find yourself stressing out about grey hairs showing, then you should DEFINITELY check out this product, as well as their regular dyes and gloss kits! This is an AMAZING company with high-quality products that you can tell they have really put care into designing and making work great! You can purchase the Root Touch-Up Kit in 8 different shades HERE for $29.95!

Here's my after photo after doing the left side you can see in the picture. While it obviously didn't turn my hair blonde since I picked light brown, you can tell a different that it made my brassiness go away and makes my hair fade to blonde much better! I'm kicking myself now for not ordering the blonde color!!

Root Touch Up

One final thought: I've been a member of Madison Reed's affiliate program for awhile now, and honestly it's the one I've made the most money off of and the one that in my opinion, has the most incentives. From free products to try, to randomly bonuses for posts, to affiliate referral bonuses, I HIGHLY recommend you join them and become an affiliate too if you're interested in this kind of thing. They just recently added a color glossing kit to their line so I'm sure they will have some good sample posts for that coming up soon!!! If you're interested in becoming an affiliate for Madison Reed like me, it's totally FREE, and you can sign up using my link HERE and I would appreciate it times a million!! I've never had an affiliate company work with my so hands on to make sure I'm successful like they do! Thanks Char from their affiliate team for being awesome!!!

xX Ashley C.

*Note: This post contains affiliate links.*

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