Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MaskIT Review!

I have a pretty awesome review for you guys tonight that I've been really excited about lately!!! This product is from a new company called MaskIT! They make a super cool and new, discreet, environmentally friendly way to dispose of your used tampons/pads! I am basically in love with this idea, even though I don't really have periods that often right now due to my birth control... I know that's TMI.. but it's truth. There's lots of people who do though, so I was really really beyond excited to share this one!! Here are some photos to start off with!

A Full picture of the various sizes and packages you can choose from!

MaskIT was kind enough to send me a ton of different samples in their various sizes. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

18 Pack for Pads, Wrappers, and Applicators

One thing I really, really like about their packaging is that each packet says what it is for. MaskIT makes different sizes, so they say on the package what they're for. This one in particular is a larger sized MaskIT that is for Pads. They also have a smaller size for tampons.

3 Pack for Pads, Wrappers, and Applicators

26 Pack and 5 Pack for Tampons

I also really like that they have smaller sizes that would be suitable for your purse, or for travel. I definitely will be throwing a pack of these in my purse. I really really like the idea of these. Honestly, who wants to see someone elses sanitary products when you're out in public and you have to go in the bathroom. They may be in that little silver trashcan... but still. They're oftentimes overflowing, and I feel bad for the janitors that have to clean them. If just EVERYONE would use MaskITs this would literally solve this problem.... uh... forever. lol
People should always buy these with their tampons and especially pads. Or maybe they should just come with them in the first place. Here's how they actually work!


They're really easy to use and I love that you just put your hand in so you don't have to touch anything nasty. I'm sorry but it is totally gross to take out a tampon in the first place. So this is totally great!

A first look at a MaskIT. Step one: Pull out your MaskIT!
Step 2: Put your hand in and make a glove.
Step 3: Pull out tampon or take off pad using the MaskIT as a glove.
Step 4: This is the only tricky part.. But its easy. I used the business card just because I didn't want to use a tampon. lol Invert the pouch so that the sticky strip is on the outside of the bag, making it ready to close.
Step 5: Pull the strip, revealing the sticky part and close your MaskIT. Throw it away!

Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am Now your sanitary products are ready to throw away and never to be seen by prying eyes, janitors, children who are like what the heck is this bloody mess, or anyone else!

I really really love these. First, because my dog likes to get tampons out of the trash and this will prevent her from doing so and I will no longer have to find nasty presents all over the place. Second, because of the public restroom dilemma I spoke about above. Third because they're compostable and environmentally friendly in general and I'm always looking for products like that! They prevent leaking and odor as well, so that's another plus!!! These are seriously awesome, and I will definitely continue using them from now on!!!

If you'd like to find out more about MaskIT or purchase some for yourself, you can CLICK HERE to check them out!!

Happy Masking!
xX Ashley C.

**Note: I received these complimentary for review, but as always my opinions are 100% honest and unbiased. **

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