Friday, January 2, 2015

CrowdTap Kleenex Review!

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try out two different kinds of Kleenex via Crowd Tap to review!! If you guys don't know what Crowd Tap is, it's basically an awesome site that you can team up with brands and do small tasks, that will sometimes (for me it's been pretty frequent!) get you in the running to win monthly prizes (gift cards, free stuff, etc.) or even get free samples to try out!! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite sites to get free stuff to blog about/review, and I have a couple packages on the way right now!

If you'd like to sign up for CrowdTap, which I HIGHLY recommend to everyone, you can do so by clicking this link HERE! It's FREE and there are tons of brands, which is great if you're a blogger!

ANYWAY! So I received two fullsize boxes of Kleenex to give my opinion on. I received a box of Kleenex with Lotion, which I already use and love, and also a box of Kleenex Anti-Viral!

I've been using Kleenex brand tissues with lotion for years and love them! When you're sick these are great because they don't make your nose hurt if you're blowing it all the time! I also like to use them for removing eye makeup, since they are less harsh than regular paper tissues. These are super strong too, so they don't tear up if they get wet!

The Anti-viral tissues are new to me and I love the concept! With the flu going around like crazy, I really like the idea of these. As for if they really work or not, I have no idea of really knowing. However, I am currently residing in a house full of people who have been sick lately, and I haven't gotten sick yet! *Knock on wood* These are also high quality, very durable tissues!!! I recommend Kleenex to EVERYONE! They're the only brand of tissues I buy! I wish they'd combine lotion and anti-viral together to make one BADA** Tissue product!

PLUS!! I have a coupon to share with you guys from CrowdTap! 
CLICK HERE for the printable coupon to save $1.50 off any two boxes of Kleenex tissues!!

See you guys later with more reviews!! Happy 2015!
xX Ashley C.

* I received these samples for my honest opinion and review. However, as always my opinions are unbiased and not in any way swayed by free samples.*

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