Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February 2015 Birchbox Unboxing and Review!

Hi guys!  So I'm back from a pretty big unexpected hiatus and also a hiatus from subscription box reviews!!!!  I basically love them, and decided for my birthday to resubscribe to Birchbox for a bit!

For those of you who don't already know, Birchbox is a monthly subscription box that sends you 4-6 beauty, makeup, skincare, and lifestyle samples (sometimes even full-size!)  every month!  You also get points that you can redeem in their store for full-size versions of whatever you want, special boxes, gift subscriptions, etc. I LOVE their point system and it's one of the reasons I chose to resubscribe to BB over Ipsy. If you'd like to sign up or check them out, please, please use my referral link HERE!

On to the review!
This month was freaking wonderful in Birchbox land. I seriously couldn't have gotten a better box and everything I got will be used and perfectly matches my preferences. All my samples are decently sized too. Yes, no sucky foil packets for this lady! :)

First looks:

Everything all neatly packed and whatnot as usual.
I spy a FULL SIZE sample. ;D

Here's the card with my sample information & full size product prices. If anyone's interested. :)


Up first:
Marcelle Make-up Remover
 50 mL Sample Value: $5//Fullsize: $15
This is another "new to me through Birchbox" Brand that I'd never heard of. but I wear ALOT of eye makeup so I'm always excited to get any kind of makeup remover. I REALLY love this stuff! It's non-oily and does an excellent job at removing not only my regular makeup, but also all my waterproof eye stuff as well! A+! I'm definitely going to pick some of this up when my sample runs out, but it's a pretty decent sized sample.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
50 mL Sample Value: $6.50//Full Size: $19.50
I have been wanting to try this out forever. I've heard super good things about it, so of course was super excited to see it in my box. It definitely lives up to it's reputation too! This is my new go-to dry shampoo. There isn't an icky residue left in my hair after using it and it isn't overly perfumey either. I really love it!

eyeko London Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black
If you've read this blog, um ever, you know that I'm an eyeliner addict. So of course getting a fullsize eyeliner to try is not something I could ever complain about. I have been all about some liquid liner lately every since I got a Kat von D one.... but I really like this one from eyeco too. It goes on pretty easily since it has the pen tip, and lasts for a long time over eyeshadow. My only note is that I wish it worked better without eyeshadow. It seems a little on the shinier side vs some of the other liquids I use without it, and in some spots took took coats for 100% coverage.

Coola Mineral Sunscreen/Natural BB Cream
Sample Value: $3.60// Full Size: $36
Let me start by saying when I got this I was kind of like UGH I hate Coola. I've tried many a Coola product over the years I've been getting subscription boxes, and have never, ever liked them. They all either felt like straight up sunscreen, or just left my face a sticky mess. This one however, definitely functions much more like a really nice, matte BB cream. So if that's something you're into ... definitely grab this.

Obliphica Intensive Hair Serum
Sample Value: $3// Full Size: $38
This is seriously probably my favorite hair serum EVER. I have seriously dry, over-processed hair... and to explain it better.. Here are some before and after pictures to show you how badass it truly is.
Before                                             After
Amazing Right?!

Here's some swatches for your viewing pleasure. eyeco liner and Coola BB cream. You can kind of see how it blends into my skin pretty well.
And last and definitely least... Here is my hideous face with the eyeco liner on. See how it's a bit shiny without shadow underneath?? I still really like though! :)

I have TONS of unboxings coming your way!! So be on the lookout. I just got my February Glossybox, my March Birchbox, a Smiley 360 package, AND a special item from Influenster. Hopefully sometime this century I'll be getting my Julep box from March too.. :) Don't forget if you want to sign up for Birchbox, Use my Referral Link HERE! You won't regret it! I just resigned up and already have $40 in store credit! woo!

Catch you later!!
xX Ashley C.

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