Friday, November 28, 2014

Julep Black Friday Deal!!!

So this year, Julep apparently is bringing back their $1 polish deal for Black Friday!! There are five $1 polishes to choose from, so head on over and check out what they've got!!! They have tons of great Black Friday deals on the site right now, so if you're thinking about trying Julep and never have before, now is the time!! :D OR if you are just addicted to Julep, and want to add a color you've never tried before to your collection, there's that too!
*This offer lasts through the weekend and ends 11/30 at 11:59 PST.

Black Friday $1 Polish
Use code "ONE" at checkout to get one for a dollar!

Here's the polishes they have included in this offer:
My person favorite is Alex. I don't have that one, and I LOVE purple glitter anything! It looks great!
As for the other item you pick to get your soon to be polished hands on a $1 polish, I personally recommend picking up THIS:
Gem Collection 2014 Pre-Order

Happy Shopping!
Xx Ashley C.

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