Thursday, February 27, 2014

Posh review

So a few weeks ago my friend Stacey started selling posh and she sent me some samples and they are just lovely! I'm sorry it took so long to get this posted. *Omg if you could smell these!*

Okay for the first sample is the Squeaky Green Clean deep cleaning face mask.
It's really great I mean it just doesn't totally strip everything out of your face or anything but does what it says . Leaving your face smooth and soft. And Im not really a face mask type of girl, but I may convert now that I have tried this!

Next is the Wakey Wakey skin stick
This actually had 2 purposes for me
The first one was that as a needle worker my wrist always start to hurt after a while and so of course I had to try it on my wrist and it works fabulous; the second was I am all about the nails and trying to keep them up and so of course I had to try to my cuticles and it worked like a dream! So this is a multi use stick and that's always a plus in my book.

Next is the Take it all off stripper mask
Again Im not really a mask person, but Im willing to try anything once. This did look a bit intimidating but the smell was ok so why not (after all when we sign up for reviews we have to be willing to try anything within reason) what I really liked about this was that you did not have to put on a really thick layer you only needed a thin layer, at least for me and just leave it on for maybe like 5 -20 min depending on what your skin type is. Mine is combination skin so I left it on for 5 since it's been a bit dry with the winter weather. Worked great and revived my skin after s hard week of makeup. I would suggest only using this once a week since it gets rid of everything and follow up with your regular moisturizer cream or try the one listed below.

Next is Moisturize 911
I used this after the stripper mask even though its s daily cream. Still did the job to restore my face and smells great too! I had enough left over to use the next morning under my makeup and it didn't makemy face greasy at all ( I used a bb cream) and that is usually a problem for me. Also my makeup lasted well with minimal powder applications needed during the day.

Last but not least is the Snarky bar. It's their best selling product and for good reason! While I only revived a small sample, I fell in love immediately. I got the original pink one but im eyeing the Brazilian Snarky bar they just came out with. The pink one is the perfect light scent for me. Essentially it's s buffing bar for your body like you would use a pummice bar in the shower for your feet. Personally since I received a small sample I of course went to town on the rough spots on my palms. Yea when the instructions say be careful as this bar is snarky they're not joking LOL. Yes my hands were a little sore but this was my own fault since I wanted smooth hands like that day. But all is well I just followed the instructions the next day and now my hands are all pretty.

If your interested in any of these products just check out Stacey's posh page for more great stuff she has
I already have a mental wish list in my head .



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