Friday, February 7, 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review!!

I totally have a love/hate relationship with face primers. I love them so so much, but there are some brands that I absolutely despise. And some brand that are men. And some brands that break me out like a teenager. I've been looking for a decent, cheaper substitute for Benefit's The Porefessional for awhile now, and have been unsuccessful in my search.

Until two days ago.
Face Primers
Meet Maybelline's "Baby Skin". As many of you already know I'm a BIG FAN of Baby Lips (See Top Ten Lippies Post HERE), so when I heard about this I knew I must have it. I spent a good ten minutes searching through the Maybelline section at Walmart trying to find this, and FINALLY snagged one for just $5.94. (Much cheaper than the $30 price tag of most higher end primers.) 

This primer, like most of the others, claims to minimize your pores with it's "blur technology". I've been using it for two days, and while it doesn't completely erase my pores like The Porefessional does, for the price, you honestly can't really beat it. They definitely look smaller, which is a HUGE improvement from the Julep primer that I've been desperately trying to use up (least favorite primer ever, sorry Julep!), which doesn't make my pores look any different at all.

Baby Skin makes my normal skin very very smooth, and makes foundation application a breeze!! I wouldn't be able to use it all by itself, but underneath my foundation it looks perfect! It significantly decreases any shininess that I have which is awesome because I like to add my own shine in the right places on my face with highlighter. ;) I also use a matte foundation (gotta review it later, Rimmel Stay Matte) with the baby skin so its double matte face time! 

As for makeup longevity, I've noticed that it makes my makeup last all day long, which is definitely a nice bonus for any primer to do. Actually, that's what I EXPECT them to do, and if it didn't (JULEP) I probably wouldn't use it or buy it again. 

There are some ingredient differences here between the higher end primers and Maybelline Baby Skin. While The Porefessional and Baby Skin are both silicone based, Baby Skin's main ingredient is water, while The Porefessional's is something called Cyclopentasiloxane. Another important difference is that Baby Skin is clear, while the Porefessional is a nice nude, tinted color which I really like. Hopefully in the future they will come out with a tinted version, as I think that is one of the main reasons The Porefessional works for me so well!

The Verdict: I love this primer ALOT. On a budget it is definitely a MUST HAVE beauty item. I'm probably going to be using this all year long and just buy a tiny Benefit or Too Faced primer for nights out.
Maybelline Baby Skin keeps your pores at a minimum, smooths out your skin for flawless foundation application, mattifies your face, and keeps your makeup in place all day!
I don't have a photo of before and after.. But trust me, this stuff is awesome.

Does anyone out there have a favorite primer? Drug Store or High End?
This is my very first drugstore primer. I want to try the Nyx primer next!
Xx Ashley C.

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  1. I love the nyx primer..! I also like the L'OREAL primer.. It's very hard for me to she'll out tons of money for a high end primer.. But I feel I will one day to compare at least..