Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pretty & Polished Old World Blues and Kimono'ver Here Swatches & Review!!

As many of you guys already know, Pretty & Polished is basically my favorite indie brand ever. So, needless to say, I've been SUPER excited to show you all these since I received them the other day!!

Last Monday, Pretty & Polished announced a TON of new colors coming out March 1st including, the "Spring FX" collection, "A New Equation" (which based on the show Adventure Time, and they are AWESOME), two new "Country Girl Swag" polishes, as well as two awesome color changers that were sent to me to review, that I am going to showing you today!

Who's ready for some swatches?!?! *Warning Lot's of Pictures!*

First up is Old World Blues, which is my favorite of the two. It's a holographic polish that is a blue holo when cold and a whiteish/silver holo when warm. I've actually been wearing it for a couple of days just to test it out, since this was my first color changer ever. Not going to lie, I was super excited. :)

This is what it looks like cold. I ran my hands under cold water, but these polishes are super sensitive and also change based on your environment, or if you're like holding a cold drink or something. It's really awesome because when you're wearing them they just change randomly throughout the day.

This picture is just for a bonus. I drink Monsters every day, plus you can tell how blue and shiny it is next to the blue table. :)

Here is what it looks like warm. I like how you can definitely still see that it's holographic.

And here is an awesome picture of what it looks like when I ran the tips under cold water. :)

Up next is Kimono'ver Here. It's a reddish orange to gold color changer with lots and lots of multicolored & Gold flakes in it. It's super pretty and really does remind me of a Kimono! :D 

Here is what it looks like cold. It's nice and bright and you can really see the gold flakes in it! 

And here is warm! I think this color would look really really good on someone with a dark skintone or someone super tan. :) It's a nice light goldish color and I like how you can still see the flakes in it even though they match the polish color! :) 

It looks even cooler when half is warm and half is cool in my opinion. You can really see how complex the polish is! It's super pretty! :) All the little gold flakes like fade into the red. 

So, like I said these two BEAUTIFUL new polishes will be available for purchase on March 1st, as well as the others they are releasing! I'm super excited about all of the changes that were announced last Monday!
They are also releasing a Beauty Box, which I subscribed to as well, and have already, so I will be reviewing that for you very, very soon! 

For more information about the Press Release on 2/10/14 you can CLICK HERE for all the details!!
And to purchase from Pretty & Polish or add it to your favorites for when these babies come out, you can CLICK HERE to visit their website. 
If you don't know anything about them, or haven't heard of them, definitely take a look. As well as nail polish they carry some other GREAT items that I use all the time and love such as sugar scrubs and cuticle balms!

So what do you guys think!?! Love?? I love them.
See you soon with the Beauty Box review!
Xx Ashley C.
*Note these products were provided to me for my honest opinion and review.


  1. These thermal polishes are so beautiful!! <3 I wish they were sold locally here in Malaysia. International shipping is usually more expensive than the nail polish. :(

    1. I'm not sure about their international pricing for their regular polishes, but I do know that the beauty box I mentioned, which is two box exclusive polishes, a mini of a currently in stock polish, a skincare item, and some nail art items, plus a coupon for that month, is only $30 total for international! :) shipping included. Definitely still a great deal.

  2. Gorgeous swatches of these! Isn't Pretty & Polished great? They're hands down my favorite too

    1. Yes! I love them!! I especially love them for the cuticle balms and sugar scrubs. :D I want to try a bath bomb too! :)

    2. Yes!! I use their sugar scrub every day! Their triple whip hand cream is spectacular too!! I have one of their bath bombs, love them!!!