Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Madison Reed Hair Color Review! PLUS before & after pictures!

Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a bit, due to moving and other life happenings, but I am finally back, and with an AWESOME review to boot!

Tonight I am bringing you a review, of what is basically the best at home hair dye kit I've ever received and used IN MY LIFE. I found this opportunity through one of my affiliate sites, and the GOOD news is to my fellow beauty bloggers, YOU could also have the chance to try it for yourself and blog about it! :)

SO ANYWAY back to the review! 
Madison Reed is a company that I'm super excited to share with you. They offer HIGH quality at home hair dye kits that you can purchase either one time, or even have it delivered via a subscription, so you never have to worry about rushing to the store to cover up your roots again. I've been dying my hair for many, many years, and have tried TONS of different dyes, and I seriously will never go back. The kit itself is amazing, and makes the hair dying experience so much more exciting than a regular, boring box of dye. Here's some pictures to show you what I mean!

First things first, I received this HUGE box in the mail with two purple boxes inside. I ordered the lightest color of blonde they had, and the $10 add on with additional developer and dye for long hair, because I'm always paranoid one bottle isn't going to be enough.
Upon opening, I found this cute little note from the company. :)  

And another! :)

I like the instructions panel alot too! I love how easy it is to read and that it isn't some regular piece of paper like most boxed dyes. It's actually part of the box that you open up. The instructions are SUPER easy to follow and even include illustrations for visual people, like me.

This is the $10 add on kit I received. Basically everything you need to dye your hair if it's extra long. I actually didn't end up needing this, so I'm just going to take advantage of the freebie and use it next time I need to do my hair. :)

And LAST but definitely NOT least here is my kit in it's entirety. Every kit comes with gloves, a cap, barrier cream, a cleansing wipe, developer, cream color, shampoo, and conditioner. DEFINITELY more than your average box of dye right?! I usually use conditioner as a barrier cream, and it never really works so I was kind of really excited to get this in my box.

 NOW for the results. As some of you may know, my normally dark brown hair is currently bleached to blonde. By blonde I mean.... some parts white, some yellow, some brown still, some pink, purple, blue, orange, YOU NAME IT! SO I was basically keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle with my Madison Reed color kit! 
Here is a before picture of my hair:
Maybe not the most amazing before picture, but you can definitely see that it's not very even and needs serious toning. Well, I bleached my roots, then used my dye, and now it looks like THIS:
It's PERFECT! :) I've tried so many dyes and toner since bleaching my hair, and this is the only thing that has made it look fully normal. I love it! I am DEFINITELY going to purchase another color as soon as I decide to not be blonde anymore, and more blonde when I run out of my extra dye.

AND a Bonus photo for your viewing pleasure, now that my roots have grown out. Just for fun :)

SO to conclude, Madison Reed is awesome. While it is more expensive than regular box dye you can go to Walmart and get, the quality and care they put in to their product definitely makes it worth it in my opinion. Even the bottle of shampoo and conditioner that come with the kit are awesome. 

You can purchase your own kit HERE and get HALF off your first order if you use code LAZYDAYS at checkout for the rest of August!!!  This is definitely a great code to test out the product if you're interested. You also get access to video tutorials, consultations, and TONS of other perks once you place an order!  AND don't forget about the subscription program. It's probably what I'll ultimately end up doing, since I'm lazy and never have time to go to the store. :)

If you have any more questions about Madison Reed, how to become an affiliate, or about the dye I tried, don't hesitate to ask!! & If YOU'VE ALREADY tried it before, let me know if you loved it as much as me!! :) 

Until next time,
xX Ashley C.


  1. i sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cant wait to try mine!!!!!!! i miss being a smartass sassy red head instead of being a smartass sassy brunette :)

    1. It's seriously the best dye I've ever used.. lol My hair still looks good and my roots are coming in and everything. Good thing I have my trusty grey slouchy hat :D

  2. Its nice colour I am definitely going order for me. Thanks for your review.

    ~ Molly | Beauty Tips

    1. You're welcome! I love their dye! AND I love that if you sign up to be an affiliate you can try it for free AND earn $20! :D