Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Starlooks July 2014 Nylon Pink special edition!

Sorry this took so long . I was waiting for the mystery items to arrive from the last promo .
The special edition Nylon Pink box actually scared me at first since I knew it would have bright colors;  and well me and bright colors just don't go well together lol.
I will admit I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that I could wear everything but the lipstick (Ashley already claimed that since she's more brave with makeup lol)

Now the first time I got this box I was stalking the mail since it was 101 here in the south and well we all know how heat and lipstick go so well together lol.
So I'm driving my kids nuts sending them to check the mail every 15 min. But it didn't help.  So to be on the safe side I let it sit a bit. Ugh oh Texas ..... no dice I opened the lipstick (starlooks tender gloss in pooh bear) I had barely opened it and it fell out of the tube ( honestly my first thought was omg Ashley is going to kill me, then omg I have neon orange stuff all over my couch and carpet! ) yea it's bright alright! But it's pretty . I certainly can't pull it off though.  Even the lio liner in tipsy was melted.  Yea we don't have ac here either I dunno maybe that proves im a bit insane. ...
So I was actually on the phone playing with the shadow after I had emailed pictures of my melted box and while the c/s lady was doing her thing I was noticing how buildable the shadow was. It's really not as bright as I thought. And can be worn alone for a subtle look.  It came off as a very light gold  rather  than a yellow.  (Im certainly not complaining lol). My point of mentioning me calling c/s about the melted box is just another props to this awesome company.  I wasn't on the phone for longer than 10 min. I had assumed with s new box being sent that I would be waiting at least a week. I was actually amazed to come home from work 2 days later and find it waiting for me ( thankfully it was only a cool 96 that day snd yes I am aware how sad that sounds lol) I'm still on the fence about the eyeliner that came in the box.  The only way I can describe it is a bright smokey blue if that makes sense. I have blue eyes so I want to try it.  But will it be too much blue?  The lip pencil is really the perfect color for me . Its a great neutral color which kind of suprised me that it was in a box with such bright colors. All in all I t h ink this box was a great mix of bright and neutral colors .
The retail value of the box was 49$ and I only paid 17 and change.  (15$ plus s/h) a great deal IMHO
Here's all that was included &yes they are full sz products! 
Blue clill eye pencil- $12
Traffic yellow eyeshadow- $12
Pooh bear tender gloss- $13
Tipsy lip pencil- $12

I didn't think I would like this box but I really do love it! Awesome customer service doesn't hurt either! :)

If you would like to subscribe feel free to email me or click the link ( I'm working on including my link since I blog from my phone,  but you can always just tell them you heard about them from melissa spangle )


  1. blue eyeliner??? GIMMIE!!! LOL!! no seriously i have an eyeliner addiction. i need to check this company out...hmmmmmmmmm.....

    1. lol I love blue eyeliner. I have one from Chella that I got from Ipsy that I like alot with this sephora glitter blue liner over it lol
      DID you like that silver one I sent you?!

  2. THIS BOX IS AMAZING. I wish I didn't cancel now lol I NEED ALL OF IT!
    Send me that lipstick ASAP lol IDC if you send the rest of the crap or not I just NEED IT! :D
    I agree with Teresa... I need that blue eyeliner too lol