Friday, October 25, 2013

UMCheeky Review Number 2!

Hi again! If you've been reading regularly, then you know that last month I went out on a limb and signed up for Unmentionably cheeky, a subscription program for super cute undies for the ridiculously low price of 2 for $6. Umcheeky is a great subscription service owned by husband and wife team Richard and Melody out of New York. All of the pictures on their website are actually underwear that they send out.

You can visit them here!

You can find my original review HERE! 

Well, it's that time again! I was super excited when I arrived home and found second package in the mail today! Honestly I had a little trouble with one of my pairs from last month. They ripped up in the washer after wearing them like two times and I was pretty disappointed. The best part about UmCheeky, however, is that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service to boot! Richard from UmCheeky emailed me back super fast and offered to add an extra pair to my next months shipment, which I happily accepted. He was very nice and personable which is rare for subscription services I've noticed.

I received all bikini "cheeky" style lacy underwear which are okay, but not my favorite. I prefer boyshorts, thongs, or g strings. I read the fine print on their site though tonight and they are only offering "cheeky" style underwear at the moment, but it says they are planning to add others in the future. My only qualm about Umcheeky is that I wish there was an option to choose different style profiles and I shot them an email about this evening along with my thank you for having the best customer service ever. :)

Anyways! Drumroll......
Here they are:

I don't really like the ones in the front all that much because the top is kind of weird and I don't care for the bow (I will remove it), but the other two are just fine. Last month I meant to order a size up, but I forgot to do switch it. However, they all fit perfectly this time around. All in all I am more than satisfied with my mystery panties this month! The black ones I especially love because only the front has really pretty lace, while the back is more modest and just has an accent of it. I think they will hold up much better than the white ones I got last month.

If you'd like to join in on the fun and sign up too, make sure and do so using my link HERE and let me know what you think!!! Use code FALL13 to lock in your price forever!! I hope they continue expanding their program because I really enjoy their service. :)

Anyone know of any other awesome underwear subscription boxes??? 

Have a great weekend!
Xx Ashley C. 

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