Friday, October 4, 2013

Faux Shaved Head Side Braid!

Here is a quick post for the day since I am at work. Notice the cubicle and office building in the picture. :)

I absolutely love my hair today. I originally had a regular french braid on the side but it came undone pretty fast due to my not so great braiding skills.
A girl at my work did a dutch braid on the side and it is so tight and perfect!! The difference between Dutch and French braids is that the dutch one you put the strands under instead of over when you are braiding! That way the braid pops out and you can see it better. This is my new favorite hairstyle for fall because I'm too scared to actually shave my head.

Hope you enjoy!! :)
Going to be doing more makeup tutorials this weekend too so be on the lookout!

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