Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Drip Nails!

Time for some easy peasy nail art everyone!!!
Nail drippies are one of my favorites because they are so ridiculously easy and look really cool no matter what colors you use. You could do blood drips with white and red too with this same technique.

For this tutorial I used:
Julep - Adrianna
Sally Hansen - Black Out
Random Nightlights glow in the dark polish from Sally's mentioned in another post

Start out by painting your nails whatever solid color you are using. This is really obvious but for the sake of this being a tutorial I will say it. :)
Allow that to dry for a bit and then add your glow in the dark topper. I used two coats of mine just to make sure they glowed really nicely and had a lot of glitter. :)
Once that is dry, you get a dotting tool, pen, bobby pin, toothpick, whatever you have thats roundish on the end and start in the middle of your nail and make a dot. You then drag it upward toward the tip of your nail and repeat this as many times as you want on your nail to make the dripping paint.

When you're done it should look something like this:

The last step is to paint a line across the tips of your nails. You can do this as thick as you want. Mine is pretty thin and is just like a french mani tip.

See how easy it is!! I may do blood drips next and I'll add a picture of it! :)

And here comes the best part!
I swear if I could find more of this stuff I'd buy a million bottles!! It glows like crazy!!!

Xx Ashley C.