Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bonus Post! Day of the dead makeup!

I started practicing my Halloween makeup this evening with all intentions of doing a tutorial, but got so into it that I didn't really take as many pictures of the process as intended. So until the next time I do it and I get some white face paint, here is what I've come up with so far!
Any advice or tips or anything helpful is definitely welcomed!!! I'm so doing this for Halloween!!!! :)

Please tell me what you think!!! :)
Xx Ashley C.


  1. Good job on the makeup!! And thanks for the comment on bella Terra Makeup. I haven´t noticed any fading of the shimmers, but again, I always use a primer or base to keep any product in place! Stop by soon again!

    1. Thanks!!! and no problem! I used the Bella Terra again with a primer and it was MUCH better. No fading at all. I really want to try the hot pink color next ;)