Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elf Party Eye Shadow Book Review & Swatches!

As many of you guys may already know, I can't resist a Walgreen's beauty deal. I've been eyeing the Elf Christmas sets for some time now, but decided to hold off until clearance time because I didn't know if they'd be any good. So glad I did!!
I want to start by saying I bought this palette not expecting much. I don't think I own any other Elf eyeshadow, even though I do use a couple of their products on a semi regular basis (cream eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, and eyeshadow primer). I purchased this palette for $2.50 and now I must own every single eyeshadow book there is.
The colors are highly pigmented, NO NOT CREASE at all, and go on so so buttery and smooth. This palette is infinitely better than the Nyx one I just reviewed, and I am officially in search of a neutral Elf palette. For such a cheap price, you really can't beat the color payoff here. I'd even pay full price for one. :)

Who's ready for some swatches!!?!!?!
Here is the beauty "book" opened up. As you can see, it contains 9 shadows, a mini eyeliner pencil, and a brush. I won't be using the eyeliner pencil because I tried it and it sucks. & I have my MAC brushes. But it's a nice addition for beginners.
On the left side there is a page that gives you directions on how to use the palette. This is pretty neat, especially for beginners who want to know how to make their makeup look like it's professionally done.
On the other side is the eyeshadows. It also comes with a little mirror that would be nice for touchups.
And here are the swatches! As well as the eyeliner pencil. This photo is with Flash.
And here is one without.
Like I said I'm really really surprised with how much I love this little eyeshadow palette. The colors are GREAT and super bright. They are just the right amount of shimmery without being overpoweringly glittery and I didn't notice any fall out either which is pretty awesome in my opinion! I'm going to try out the Silver color and the pink tonight!

Do any of you have this palette and LOVE it? Anyone have any recommendations for Elf products they love!?

Until next time!
Xx Ashley C.


  1. Very pretty! The colors are very pigmented. I love the gold color all the way to the left and the turquoise one in the middle best. I really need to buy more elf products. I bought the lip exfoliator the other day and loved it!

    May from La Vie En May

    1. I agree! The gold is my absolute favorite. Until this, my best gold shadow was cream based.. So this is great to have! I also LOVE the royal blue color. It reminds me of a Mac eyeshadow I used to have that disappeared.
      I've never tried/heard of an elf lip exfoliator! That really intrigues me... ELF is quickly becoming my go to drug store brand. I made a lip sugar scrub awhile back. But purchasing sounds easier... :)
      Thanks for the visit!!

  2. So pretty beautiful! I am skeptical about buying elf eyeshadows but now I think I might purchase some!

    1. They're definitely great shadows!! I was skeptical too!

  3. Great post! Didn't think Elf would have good eyeshadow lines. Shall invest my time in them :) Thank you!