Sunday, January 19, 2014

January Glam Box 2014 Unboxing!!

My first Glam Box is FINALLY HERE!!! And I must say that I am MORE than pleased!!!
If you don't already know Glam Box LLC is a BRAND NEW subscription box program that focuses on small business owners. It was packed FULL of awesome samples and full sized products. It only costs $10 + $4.95 shipping in the US for the larger sized box and if you want to sign up make sure and click HERE and let them know Ashley Combs referred you!
P.S. If you're in Canada, it's $10 + $10 which is still a pretty good deal for the amount you get!
Here's a first look at the box! SPOILER ALERT!

It's packaged so cute and has little Star Glitter confetti!
It also came with a complete product listing for January, and a bunch of other product cards for the stuff inside!
Another great thing is everything is packed in super nice and bubble wrapped!
And here is a picture without said bubble wrap! So many fabulous items!
I don't have a individual pic of the wax melts in my hand but they are from Krista's Candles. These are some SUPER potent wax melts and smell really nice. I don't love florals. But my husband said the house smelled really great when he came home!
Okay first things first. These adorable little candles smell AMAZING. I love coffee candles. I already used one up they smell so great. I'm pretty sure I read that GlamBox is going to be sending some of these each month and that would be AWESOME because these are WONDERFUL! I'm definitely going to have to head over to Simple Aromas and pick up some bigger ones.
Second favorite! SandiPops Chocolate sucker. Who doesn't love a HOT PINK chocolate sucker. I totally ate this immediately. I need a million of these.
This is awesome. It's a teatree soap mixed with a loofa and is perfect for your feet and getting dry skin off. It smells AMAZING too. I'm a sucker for tea tree. Be careful though your feel will get slippery in the shower. :) 
Next is the Vetiver Aromatics pocket perfume kit. Now, this is a cool concept, but my husband and I tried to make some perfume and it smelled pretty bad. Definitely a miss for me. Here's what it looks like opened though.

Next I received Hazelbrooke Island Citrus Sugar Scrub (I love sugar scrub!) and a Orange Blossom Lotion Sample from Mineral Fountain.
I haven't used the scrub yet but I love the way it smells. The lotion smells alright but it's a little bit too floraly for my nose and makes me sneeze. 

Next is a Tangerine Tea soap sample from Soaplandia! I love this little soap it smells amazing!
Last, but certainly not least is my eyeshadows and primers from BA STAR. I received bronze, deep plum, and Petal Pink. The pink one is definitely my favorite. These are super shimmery and really really pretty. I haven't tried them on my eyes yet, but they were really pretty on my hand. 
Unfortunately, the deep plus one had a messed up seal and a spilled kind of a lot of it when I opened it up. But that's my only complaint!!

Like I said Glam Box is great!! You're totally missing out if you're not signed up. These might not be brands you've regularly heard of, but they are GREAT new brands with AWESOME products!
If you decide to sign up, don't forget to tell them I sent you!
xX Ashley C.


  1. Yay! We were featured in your blog :) I am sorry you don't like floral smells. Please tell us what you do like, and we can definitely accommodate you! Our facebook page is and you can find out scent list there!

  2. No worries!! :) My husband liked it, plus they DEFINITELY rival scentsy ones that we have been purchasing and yours seem to last much longer! I will definitely take a look to see what else you have! :) I like... Tropical scents and food scents.. like coffee and vanilla and fruit scents. :)

  3. Interesting box. I like seeing a new subscription box. This one contains some interesting things. The perfume kit sounds interesting but bummer if it didn't smell good. Overall I think you got some great things! Thanks for sharing doll