Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guest Post! Melissa's January Glam Box Review!

Ok sorry it is a bit late but I am starting to thaw out now,only to find out we could be getting snow on Wed! Yes Im in Texas! -ok rant over. Now on to the fabulous stuff I got!

Ok the first thing I ripped into was the candy so there is no picture of it. Im sorry but you can't really blame me! It was chocolate! And it was delicious I have no regrets - plus my kids would have found it and sampled it for me and then how would I be able to tell you how awesome it was?

Ok so now that I have justified my eating the chocolate before I could take a picture of it, let's get to those awesome candles ! Omg the only complaint I have is that they really made me crave a latte! Good thing I used them in the kitchen next to a full pot of coffee! If you have not checked this candle company out yet you should, you won't be disappointed!

Next we have this interesting make your own perfume kit. It's pretty potent even in the plastic wrap. But if you like musky scents this is for you.

 Now for my most looked forward to item in the box! The mineral shadows :) One thing I love about this company is the personal care they put into to each box. I told them I have hazel eyes but lately they have been blue but I also own alot of brown shadows, so I received deep plum and silver so if I want a change of pace there it is. They did come with a primer but I don't use that for my shadows but they are shimmery in the tube so I am gonna use them for when I feel lazy about putting on makeup or wake up late.

The 2nd most looked forward to item well wished for item was this great loofa foot soap. It could not come at a better time since like I said with this cold snap and it being 25 out it took some pretty convincing conversions in my head to jump in the shower LOL. The only complaint I kinda have is that it's pretty big and that can be good for some but I put my special soap in a travel soap container so my kids won't use all my stuff so I had to cut it in half . If they made smaller bars that would be great!

Also Im especially fond of the sample of the HazelBrooke Exfoliating scrub and the Soaplandia samples. Most would want to use them in the shower and im sure they work great for that but I used them after work (Im a housekeeper so my hands go through ALOT) and I have to say that my hands have done a 180.
The rose mist from Mineral Fountain Is also great. But I could be a bit biased since roses are my favorite flower too. Yes I fully admit to spritzing some on my pillows in the bedroom,I like the fact that again I don't need much maybe even half a spritz . So far my hubs has not complained so I must be doing it right!

The last surprise I got in my box was more polish remover pads! You have no idea how happy I was to get these, again with the personal care we get! I raved about them in my last glam box review, and I'm really being truthful these are the only thing I have used since I started getting glam box and I see a real improvement in my nails ! Btw you can order them on their site if you just want the polish remover pads or if your still on the fence about a full sz box you can always get a mini mystery bag!
And again if you do order anything from this fabulous up and coming company please let them know that Melissa Spangle sent you!
Ok guys see you next review! I have mystery bags coming so I'll be sure to know what goodies I get!

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