Thursday, January 16, 2014

Schick Hydro Silk BzzAgent BzzKit!

I'm not sure if you guys know this or not, but I'm a free sample junkie. I love them. (they send boxes of samples that I'm pretty sure they release every Tuesday if you want to sign up use my referral HERE. It's 100% free and I've gotten ALL KINDS of stuff from lotion to soap to perfume to a chocolate) and (just a regular site that lists lots of samples)are my favorite sites. I was searching for new ones the other day and ran across BzzAgent!! I did a little research and it seemed pretty cool so I signed up, and did like a million profile surveys. 
I'm pretty new with them but here is what I am gathering. It seems to be kind of like Influenster. You get a score that is dependent on your activity level, as well as your social media accounts. You do profile surveys that determine what "BzzKits" you're eligible. They are really short, but there's a ton of them. It seems to work though, because there's definitely some kits I wouldn't want to get (men's beard trimmer, Yeah don't need that). Anyway, so they give you a score and then you get approved for these Bzzkit things. Within a week or two of signing up I was already approved for one! A good one at that! Schick Hydro Silks are my FAVORITE razor, but I find the original ones to be a bit too harsh for my skin. They approved me for the Sensitive skin hydro silk program. I received it today and it's a pretty great free kit!
Not only did it come with a Schick Hydro Silk razor, but it came with 2 refills, a thingy to hang it in the shower, a coupon for free Skintimate shave gel, and FOUR $4 off razor coupons!!!  
See! How awesome is this!?
Now that I have it, I'm just waiting for the activities to open up so I can start reviewing!! 
If you're not a member of this site totally sign up! Because I've been waiting for a box from Influenster and have basically given up, but I know BzzKit actually sends them because my friend Melissa received a kit too for something else! They don't do referrals but head over to their WEBSITE HERE and sign up!


  1. I got into this campaign as well. I am working on my blog post now. I have been with them for a bit and have been in a few campaigns. I really like them. Yay for it was a short wait for you! Great post.

    1. I hope I get another campaign. They keep posting really great ones lol