Thursday, May 8, 2014

Julep "Golden Ticket" Mystery Box!!

Okay so as you all know I LOVE Julep mystery boxes!! Usually they do a box with a LE polish in it but this month, they have switched it up a bit!
They just announced their Golden Ticket mystery boxes. For only $24.99 you can pick up one of three versions of this box packed with $100+ of Julep polish and goodies. There's no product overlap this month, which is awesome and I think it's due to everyone complaining about getting multiple boxes and them all having the same thing in them!!
There will be one lucky winner in EACH version of the box who will receive a "Golden Ticket". A gold capped Julep bottle filled with star confetti. If you get it, you win a chance to name a Julep polish in an upcoming collection, and you will receive 25 bottles for yourself, or to share with friends!!! I WOULD personally LOVE the chance to win a polish that I could name. I'd name it after my daughter for sure.
The sheer novelty of this box basically has me sold, and I plan on purchasing at LEAST one of the versions once I see some sneak peeks!!! I'm SURE Melissa will probably end up getting all three through, so watch out for her unboxings!!! :D

HERE are the links to the mystery boxes this month!!

CLICK HERE for box 1!

CLICK HERE for box 2!

CLICK HERE for box 3!
Sorry I don't have any pictures for you guys of these boxes this month, there aren't really very many since they are all 100% mystery!!!!!

And make sure and check out the Maven program too!

Julep Beauty Inc.

See you guys later today with another review courtesy of Tomoson!

Xx Ashley C.

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