Monday, June 16, 2014

May starlooks review and rant....

Hey guys! Yes I'm back and no I have NOT stopped blogging,I just had some home stuff to take care of.
Now that being said on to my lil rant (well not really much of one it just kinda bugged me).
Below is May's star looks box I received...
Overall it's a great box.  I knew as soon as I opened it and saw the shreds I wasn't going to be happy (so much so that I actually went to thier Facebook page and asked where is my crystal lol) Hey I really look forward to them! That's normal right? Ok so in response to my plea of crystals they said they will have them in June's box :( but I guess it saved me from looking for a crystal in a stack of shreds. (This concludes said rant) 
So onto what goodies I got!  What I thought was powder is apparently an illuminater it's pretty but a little goes a long way. As you can see it has a slight red tint to it ( I used a brush to apply it and I wiped off a lot and my face still seemed red ) 
The makeup remover works great but the spray pump didn't work (also addressed by many on thier Facebook pg) they are taking care of it but I do like the idea behind it! Would make things so much faster for me. 
The eyeliner is a pretty shade but I'm kinda scared to use it, I'm not much into bold colors on me but I may try it soon . The last thing was the spa towel sample, I say sample because they are sold in packs of 15 on the site.  It's a lotion wipe and smells nice but way out of my price range even if I'm using my loyalty code. Which is a perk I love that they have! If you get a box for 3 months you can get a code worth 35$off anything on the site! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to get with mine.  I know I need more powder ..... but hey you can't beat the price of the monthly sub at a little over 17$  and the lowest value of a box I have seen was 48$ the illuminater powder alone is worth 25$!
You can sign up for a subscription by going to and if you tell them that Melissa Spangle referred you I would be forever grateful :)
Hope you enjoyed this review I should be getting my June box any day now and will let you know how I feel about it !

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