Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rainbow Honey May 2014 Mini Mystery Bag Unboxing & Review + My very first order!

Okay so I know it's technically June now, but I've been waiting to make sure everyone received theirs and all that Jazz before posting up my Rainbow Honey Mystery bag. Thanks to my friends Melissa and Liz, I am officially addicted to all things RH. They polishes they carry are absolutely stunning. Some holo, some packed full of the most random awesome glitter combinations ever, some just awesome. 
Since this is my first time ordering from them, I decided to just do the $10 version, which has mini polishes instead of full size. However, that being said, their minis are pretty big! I also bought a fullsize of the color Midnight Fountain, which I wanted to get in one of my Ipsy bags a few months bag but tragically didn't. 
I used a 25% off code and my paypal hoarded money, and ended up spending only like $3 for the whole order AFTER shipping. WOO! Future Coupon Queen over here.

Here is what I received in my May mystery bag:
This, my lovelies is my May mystery box!
It contained: 
  • Waves - Mini 15 mL
  • Neon Blossoms - Mini 15 mL
  • Petit Four - Mini 15 mL
  • Summer Juice Perfume Rollerball
  • Summer Juice Shea Butter Soap
  • Honey Mint Lip Balm
  • Little bag of adorable nail studs
My favorite of the three polishes here is DEFINITELY Waves. It's the only one I currently have a swatch of so I'm totally sorry for that, but it's super summery and pretty and I basically LOVE IT! :)

Sorry for the wretched cuticles, but isn't this SOO cute?!! It's from their upcoming summer collection, I can't wait to see more.
Here it is sandwiched in between Midnight Fountain, which is the other color I had to order a fullsize of! I love them both! And before I get to the other colors in this months bag, here it is MACRO STYLE:
SOOO Many Gorgeous layers of glitter here!  I love this one! It's so complex and wonderful!

Up next is Neon Blossom, which is a neon topper filled with Neon Pink and Yellow Hearts and flowers. It has smaller metallic glitters as well and is absolutely STUNNING! I will post a swatch as soon as I can!

And Petit four is a yellow cream polish filled with red, turquoise, and pink glitter. Honestly, this is my least favorite of the bunch. The color palette just isn't calling my name. But it is definitely very different from anything I've ever seen before.

The soap in this bag smells AMAZING! I haven't used it just yet, but it smells exactly like the perfume, and they're both super fruity and summery and great!!! 

I also LOVE the lip balm. I figured I'd receive the lime one like everyone else seemed to, but I really love the Honey Mint flavor, its like a mild Burt's Bees and is just minty enough, but not super intense.

Overall, my first mystery bag is a HIT! I'm definitely going to be ordering another one as SOON as possible. 
If you'd like to learn more about Rainbow Honey and their polishes, Visit their website HERE!

Until Next time,
xX Ashley C.

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