Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blue Shadow for Brown Eyes!

So I don't really know how I didn't realize until now how much blue eye makeup makes my normally boring brown eyes POP! Since I received the Bella Terra mineral shimmer in Navy in my Ipsy bag last month I decided to play with a little blue, and WOW did I end up loving it!

To start off, I want to kind of review the Bella Terra. I'd never heard of this brand before Ipsy, but it's pretty neat! They are made of 100% mica and do not contain any weird chemicals or anything harsh that would make it uncomfortable/impossible for people with sensitive skin to wear. Their shimmers are multi-use according to their website and can be used 9 different ways! It's basically a mineral pigment and you can use it as wet or dry eyeshadow, depending on how intense, matte, or creamy you want it to look. You can also use it as an eyeliner, which I don't think would work all that great, as the navy is really shimmer and not all that bold. I like either black or BRIGHT and bold liners. Other uses include nail polish, hair streaks, body glitter, lip color, and mascara. Basically you can use it any way you can think of. I would really like to try out some of their other colors. You can buy them in singles or in an epic 9 stack, which is like a giant tube of shimmer greatness!!! I counted 53 colors total on the single color page!! So many to choose from!! I hope they go on sale for Christmas because I need the Hot Pink in my life.
Anyways, so I originally wasn't all that impressed with it as an eye shadow because I wore just the Navy on my lids, no other colors or special blending or tricks. I didn't use a primer because I was in a rush, and I think that was my big mistake. :/ It had creased horribly by the end of the day and on one eye it was basically gone altogether. But, for the sake of trusting my Ipsy makeup picks, I decided to try it again for the makeup look I'm about to show you, and this time I did, in fact, use a primer. I used it on the outer portion of my eye and in the crease and it lasted all day long and blended beautifully with my urban decay and Kat Von D!!! :)

So for this EOTD, I used:

I started by priming my lids with the Elf primer. I really like it because it's super cheap ($1.00 at Target) and does it's job beautifully. Then I used Heavens all over my lids as a base shimmer. I really like shimmer.
Next I applied Kiddie Pool all over my lids and blended it really nicely with the Heaven. I then took the Bella Terry Navy color and applied it to the outsides of my lids and in the crease. Then I added the brown color and added it to the crease and outer V for a smoky effect.

Next I added the Kajal Eyeliner on to my waterline on both the top and bottom because it is really dark black. Then I went over it in the Elf Cream Eyeliner because it helps the Kajal stay on and not bleed off like it does on it's own. Plus, I can't do winged eyes with a pencil :) 

Once the cream liner was nice and dry, I applied the blue glitter over it and made sure that it was nice and thick so the blue really pops out. Then I added like four coats of mascara!

 This next one is kind of not as neat as the other side, but HEY It happens :) I'm no pro.

And last but not least Here is my completed makeup for the day!
 See how it makes my brown eyes really pop!? I think it's great! :) I don't even really like the color blue all that much but I will definitely be doing this much more often.

If you have any questions about any of the other products I used on my makeup, feel free to ask!! :)
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Xx Ashley C.


  1. this blue glitter eyeliner looks really nice! x

    1. Thanks!!! I think so too! I really love it! I have some in black too, but I've been thinking about getting the purple while it's on sale! :) Thanks for stopping by!