Thursday, November 21, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Nail Polish Kit

Urban Decay Naked Nail Polish Kit
So as soon as I found this, I had to get it! Especially since they no longer make or sell these so it is really hard to find. So basically Urban Decay took their colors from the original Naked Eyeshadow Palette and created nail polishes that matched them. The first Naked is definitely my favorite of all three Nakeds so I jumped on this as soon as I found them. Also I do apologize in advance about the lighting, I was trying to get all the pics done before the sun went down and unfortunately it was dark at 5:30pm. So that sucked.

So this is what it looks like BNIB:

This is outside of the package, they are so cute, and they are minis!

On with the swatches! Like always it is only two coats so you can see the quality of the pigmentation. 
First we have Naked. It is a very easy applied nude with full coverage. 

Next we have Sidecar which is one of my favorite shadows from the palette, it is very fine glitter and full coverage.

Next we have Toasted which was very creamy which left some streaks but it still is beautiful!

Next we have Smog, This one was also full coverage, it looked soo much better in person. This is when the sun went down, sorry guys!

Now we have Hustle, this was definitely my favorite out of all six. The way it shines is sooo beautiful. Sorry for the sloppiness haha, I was trying to go as fast as possible!

Last we have Creep which is a very dark black with some silver glitter, which was also full coverage. It was kind of hard to apply if you are in a hurry but looks really great on!

And that was all of them, I am super happy to add this to my collection being the Urban Decay Junkie that I am. But I was actually very impressed with these. They were really great and easy to apply and very full coverage. Thanks for looking and until next time! 

<3 Chynel Webb


  1. Gorgeous colours, I want this collection!

    1. You should totally get it! I am so in love with them! So glad I got them!