Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette

A bit of a confession is that I am a sort of a Urban Decay Junkie. I literally get things by UD that I necessary don't need or would never use but Urban Decay just gives me that push to try some thing new, like lipstick which I never wear. So when the Vice II Palette came out, of course it had to be added to my wonderful collection. I ordered it from Sephora a day before the 20 percent discount code for VIBs was released which was kind of a bummer but it got here super fast so it made up for it! Urban Decay is just a really great brand, every thing they do is pretty much over the top and you definitely get what you pay for. 

So as far as the Vice II palette, it was introducing 20 brand new shadows where you could do dramatic looks or even do a little bit of neutrals. If you are going to limit yourself to ONE holiday makeup palette like I am trying to do myself, I say go for this palette. I am extremely pleased with it and now I will show you why.

So here it is in the packaging:

Unboxing looked like this: ( Sorry about my ceiling lights reflecting on this, it is like a very shiny plastic palette and I just could not get it out of the reflection taking the picture in any angles .)

It was extremely sturdy and very nice, I love how they accent the UD looking like gems, it is really pretty.

So opening it up looks like this, the mirror looks blurry but it still has the plastic on it. I have not messed with it until I was taking pictures, that way you guys would be able to see exactly how it came. 

 Here is a better look at the eye-shadows. They are so very pretty! I am sooo happy about this palette!

So now I am going to do some swatching. This is a single swatch, I did not go over it twice just so you guys can see exactly how pigmented each eye-shadow is individually. So I am going left to right on each row. 

 So we have Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock (which is amazing), Coax,  and X-Rated.

 Then we have Prank, Maddness, Strike, Stash, and Poison

 3rd Row we have Radar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal and Derailed.
4th row seemed like the neutral shadows. We have Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush, and Rewind.

So there are the swatches and as you can see these are highly pigmented. You can see my forearm is red in some pics because it was a bit difficult to just wipe off with a baby wipe. 
It comes with a brush which I was not really excited about since my Karma brushes that came with my Naked palettes really were not all that great but I really love the brush that came with this palette. It was dual ended and the blending end is really nice. This brush is not as stiff and is much more soft then the other brushes which was a huge plus for me. 

So there is the Vice II Palette by Urban Decay, if you have any questions feel free to ask. 
Until next time :) Chynel Webb


  1. Sigh I feel weird commenting on my own blog but... I really want that palette lol So jealous.

  2. Lol I dont think it weird that you comment on our ;) blog. You should get it, every time I look at the palette I get all stupid happy inside. Some times I just go sit at the table and stare at it. HAHA I am a nut! You should really get it soon before its sold out!