Friday, November 29, 2013

Em Cosmetics Waterliner Review

Yesterday I finally got around to using my Em Waterliner in Amethyst that I traded for my grey. This product came in my November Ipsy bag as a 6th item bonus, and I have been meaning to review it for some time now.

Ipsy is a wonderful subscription service that you can sign up using my referral link HERE. For just $10 you receive 4-5 (and apparently sometimes 6) deluxe sample or full size products automatically every month. Look through the blog to see the unboxings, I haven't been disappointed yet! If you like trying new makeup for a low low price that you normally wouldn't buy because of price, or you've never heard of it, definitely give it a look!

Back to the eyeliner, here's a little overview of what the product is:
Em cosmetics was started by Michelle Phan from YouTube in August of this year. I've always LOVED her Youtube videos, so I was really excited to try her makeup line. I swear she is the reason I know how to blend my eyeshadow. lol Her Intense Waterliner is supposed to be waterproof without "budging or smudging", even on your waterline. It comes in a wide array of colors, 12 to be exact, from black to gold to green. It went on like a dream, and I kind of want to buy some in black because purple isn't exactly something I can wear every day. However, it was fun to play with. You can purchase it HERE.

Here's the grey liner. Before I traded. 

Who's ready for some swatches!?!

I decided to do a winged eyeliner for this look with some white eyeshadow and black liner on the bottom. It was a little hard to do because the tip of the pencil isn't exactly sharp, but it comes with a really nice smudging tool on the end so you wouldn't have to dirty up your brushes in the process.The liner itself is really bright and went on so smooth that I'd almost compare it to Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on pencil. Close, but not quite as amazing.

Here's another picture with all of my makeup. The purple color really brought out the brown in my eyes which was excellent.
And here's one more, with flash of the other side. Overall,  I'd definitely purchase another one of these in a different color, but only if they went on sale because they are $20 and I'm cheap. The black and the emerald are calling my name. But, if you haven't tried it yet and you're looking for a good, easy to apply, long lasting colored liner, this is definitely something you should add to you beauty arsenal. It's worth the price. I hate eyeliners that smudge, and this one definitely DOES NOT.

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Until next time,
Xx Ashley C.


  1. Such a pretty color! It looks absolutely fabulous on you! I am with you though I think em is overpriced. I got the lipstick this month. I like the formula but didn't care for the color. I really enjoyed reading this. New follower here. (◕‿◕✿)

    1. thanks!!! :)
      I just can't justify paying that much for a new, never heard of brand of makeup lol Michelle Phan's or not. I only splurge on MAC eyeliner. :)
      Did you get the cream lipstick or the sheer one?? Eyeliner was what I wanted the most, but that bright pink cream lipstick looks like a nice color! What color did you get??
      Thanks for the follow!!!

  2. Hello, I am loving this blog layout and your posts :-) you are very creative and inspirational :-) I have only recently started my own blog and would appreciate it if you had a quick look at it if you have time on your hands


    1. Thanks! :) I just started too. I really like my leopard background. haha I'll check yours out!