Monday, March 10, 2014

February 2014 Starlooks Starbox Review & Unboxing! :)

Last month I finally succumbed to peer pressure from Chynel and signed up for Starlook's Starbox. For those of you who don't know what this is, Starbox is a monthly subscription that brings you a cute little box of pro-quality makeup at a discounted price from the Starlook's makeup line for only $15 a month plus shipping! I'm totally addicted to subscription boxes right now, and I've been really interested to try more of Starlook's makeup. I've received a couple of things in past Ipsy bags from them that I really loved, PLUS during your birthday month, they send you a birthday gift for FREE, and February was my birthday month! Can we say WIN WIN for ME!? If you're interested in learning more about Starbox or signing up CLICK HERE to learn more & use my referral link! Added bonus, they're 100% CRUELTY FREE! :)

I know I'm a little bit late on this post as it's now March, but in my defense they shipped out our boxes a little bit late this month! Better late than never!!! Here's what I received!
Starbox has the cutest little box ever in my opinion. It comes in a bubble mailer for added protection.
It also contains a little card that details everything that was sent out during the month. I think this is a really nice touch!! :) On the back of it is the inspiration photo that is used in their spoilers, but I totally forgot to take a picture of it! OOPS! I believe the theme for February was "futurism", but correct me if I'm wrong.
Every Starbox comes with a little Crystal in it. They suggest you collect them to create a brush holder.. 
The first thing I pulled out was a big grey headband. This is the extra for the month. Not super amazing, but it is actually pretty good for using face masks with and unlike most headbands it didn't immediately slip off my weirdly shaped head. I also like grey...
Cream Shadow in "Phaser" - Value $12
This month they sent everyone one of four different exclusive cream shadows. I received "Phaser", which is a light purple shade. Unfortunately, I stopped wearing purple eyeshadow a few years ago, so I won't be using this any time soon. Every subscription I have keeps sending me purple cream shadows for some reason!!! It's driving me crazy.  I would have rather received "Hologram" or "Warp" as they are more neutral. 

Lipstick in "Drew" - Value $12 (click to see their 69 shades!)
Starlooks also sent out lipsticks this month! This color is not something I would usually buy on my own, but I actually really like it. It's really metallic and shiny and nice. I received the color "Drew" which is kind of metallic purple but they also sent out "Lilu" and "Bff", both of which are shimmery and nude looking, which I do not like! The card says the colors they picked for this month can be worn on their own, paired with a darker color for an extra metallic look, or used to create an ombre lip, which is what I plan on doing with my new lippie! :) 
Pigment in "Tungsten" - Value $17 
Last, each of us received one of two pigments that are perfect for smoky eyes! I received this in "Tungsten" and the other color they sent was "Wall Street". As a makeup junkie, I am totally obsessed with pigments. I haven't tried this yet, and while I have a TON of eyeshadow for smoky eye looks, I'll probably find a use for this. I would have rather received Wall Street though, because it's darker and I like a cut crease!

Overall, the value of this box is AWESOME! I didn't have any of these products already from Starlooks, so instead of paying $41 for them I got them for only $15! NOT TO MENTION the BIRTHDAY GIFT!! 
Lipstick & Lip Liner -Value $24!
My birthday gift, which I received like two days after my Starbox, was another Lipstick in "Claudia" (Value -$12) and a lip liner in "Tipsy" (Value $12)! I really really love this color of lipstick and Tipsy happens to be the only lip liner I've ever used and liked but I lost it, so this is a double win for me! I love their lip liner because it's super long lasting and this color goes great with all of my many many pink lippies.

This brings my total February retail value up to $65!!! WHAT?! Awesome deal! So go ahead and HEAD ON OVER using my referral link HERE and sign up for a Starbox! You only have until TOMORROW to receive a March box so HURRY! Especially if March is your birthday month! :D 

Happy Sunday!
Xx Ashley C.

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