Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 2014 Starlooks Starbox "Ashley Hackman Special Edition"

This is my second month receiving Starbox by Starlooks. Apparently this month the box was a special edition curated by someone named Ashley Hackman who apparently makes YouTube videos. I'm sure this is really exciting for people who know who that is. I, however, do not. Starbox is $15 a month, plus shipping, which is an excellent deal. So far, all of the Starlooks items I have tried have been really great quality, and the box items are usually at least double what you pay.

I like this box, don't get me wrong, but for someone who owns alot of makeup, this isn't the most spectacular box ever. The items I received this month are more like... staple items that every person who owns alot of makeup is already going to own.

Here is a first look at the box!
Since March was a special edition, the box this month is black and red, much like the items inside.
Here is what I received!
  • Lipstick in "Boss"
  • Lip Liner in "Cherry Cedar"
  • Long-wear eyeliner pot in "Black Hole"
  • 20% off coupon if you submit a photo of yourself using the makeup from this box

See what I mean about staple items? I love a pin up look, and use gel eyeliner on the regular, but I definitely already have like 10 red lipsticks and at least 10 different black eyeliners!
"A must-have staple product for every makeup lover. This creamy, quick-dry formula provides that time-honored, slick, black liner look that has kept every woman looking her best for centuries."
Retail Value -$13

"The most remarkable red lip you will ever find. Starlooks' signature color "Boss" will complete your look with that perfect, timeless pop of bold rouge and satin shimmer that screams "Girl Power", and it doesn't stop there. Our ultra moisturizing lipstick formula leaves your lips feeling kissably soft."
Retail Value - $12

"Don't forget to prep those bossy lips with this classic, matte red liner. Our prestigious lip liner formula creates the ultimate canvas for any lasting lip look. Ashley specifically selected a deeper red to give you the urge to get creative and experiment with shading."
Retail Value - $12

Overall March 2014 Starbox Value - $37

This is what the lipstick and liner look like next to each other. Not sure how I feel about it.

Overall, this isn't an AWFUL box or anything, it's just kind of... boring? Honestly, I'm probably going to cancel this subscription for now as well as my Ipsy, and maybe try out one that costs more overall instead of two cheap ones so I can get more high end full sized items. Any ideas?! What is your favorite beauty subscription?! Open to suggestions over here!

Xx Ashley C.


  1. She goes by Ashley Elizabeth on youtube.
    Watch this video and see why she picked those products.