Saturday, March 8, 2014

Krista's Candles Review!

SO if you read my Glam Box review for February then you heard me mention Krista's Candles!
I know this isn't technically beauty related, but for those of you who don't know, I LOVE candles and I LOVE Scentsy. Who doesn't want a house that smells amazing all the time???

However, as much as I love Scentsy, I think it has certain downfalls and I've been actively looking for a replacement brand to love for awhile now. First, if you don't know someone that sells Scentsy, shipping can be pretty expensive, and on top of the high price they carry of like $5 a bar, I don't think it's really worth it. Another BIG time problem I've had is lightbulb availability for my warmer. I'm pretty sure they intentionally use the more obscure lightbulbs ever to make sure you HAVE to order from them, and again if you don't know someone, do you really want to pay $8 to ship one lightbulb??? No. You don't.

These issues are all resolved by Krista's Candles! I was recently lucky enough to get to try out one of her warmers, as well as a variety of different scents of tarts and candles!
Here's a complete list of the scents I received:
 Love Spell (this smells amazing and just like the fragrance from Victoria's Secret)
 Rio Rumberry (Love this!! Nice & Fruity)
 Juicy Peach (Another major win for me, this smells sooo good)
 Blackberry Tangerine (I mostly smell the tangerine in this, kind of smells like orange juice!)
 Amish Harvest (This definitely smells like Christmas!!)
 Maui Mist (This smells super good too)
 Lemongrass (If you like lemons, this is for you. I think it smells AWESOME)
I also received a Moonlight Path Candle in my Glam Box that smelled super nice & just like the Bath & Body Works fragrance.

I love the tarts that Krista carries. They all smell really really nice and seem to smell stronger for longer than Scentsy Bars in my opinion. She carries LOTS of scents too from fruity to tropical to floral & you can check them out HERE at her scent list! PLUS, they're only $2.50 a piece!!!  I love a good deal. :)

She sells warmers for $17, and the great plus side of them is that they DON'T require a bulb!!!!! Cheaper than Scentsy warmers and I never have to buy a bulb??? I'm SOLD!
You can pick up a candle the size I received for only $5. My Rio Rumberry candle has been lit several times since I received it, and it's still burning strong!!

SO. If you like things that smell pretty and you like a good deal, definitely head over to my friend Krista's website and give them a shot!! Everything is handmade/hand poured and smells awesome! Here are her links! Now go support a small business owner!! :D

Krista's Candles Facebook Page (GO Like them!)
Krista's Candles Website
Krista's Candles Esty Shop

Let me know what you think if you order some! I see myself quickly owning every scent there is now that I have two warmers in my house to switch up scents with. :)
Xx Ashley C.

** Note I received these items complementary for my honest opinion and review.**

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