Monday, March 24, 2014

Glam Box glam at home box

Sorry for the wait guys life took over for a bit but this review has been on my mind as well as others I want to do.
This review will be picture heavy along with other ones I do, I figure it's only right that you know what your getting. Plus some may not like what I have to say but it happens when you get into reviewing things.

First off I will say I got the box for the cost of shipping, normally it would be 10$plus 5$shipping . Do I think it's worth it? Honestly no even though there were some nice things in the box but I have to use my money wisely with raising 4kids and running my own business so the things I spoil myself with I have to get the most bang for my buck. My favorite thing in the box was the tart from Spellbound . Oh this smells so yummy I could seriously just sniff it all day for a pick me up and it's packaged so cute you almost don't want to melt it! Here is a picture (please excuse my cats hair on the couch she thinks she is just making the couch softer.)
Next is the candied citrus potpourri from the potpourri room. I was never one for the dried stuff since in all honesty, I had no idea what to do with it but for now it's in a pretty bowl on a dresser in my closet and when combined with the lavender sactchet from this box as well it smells pretty good.
Next is the lavender sactchet. I don't know the company since I am just having to go by tags on the items (there is no print out as there usually is in the regular glam box) all the tag says is organic fair trade cotton lavender. I do remember seeing previously on glam box Facebook pg that these would be featured and I was pretty kinda meh about it. Only for one reason. Lavender and gardeina ?? <~~I just confused my phones spell check o.O scents give me the worst migraines. So as you can see I was hesitant. Now I don't exactly know what kind of lavender it has in it or if it's just that the scent kinda went down a bit in being mailed to me or it could have Spanish lavender in it rather than English lavender. Yea once I stumbled upon Spanish lavender I was actually pretty happy . (oh the simple joys of a migraine sufferer) The sactchet itself is actually pretty darn cute and well made. The material is good quality and has a bit of a stretch. And not overly stuffed comes with a ribbon that will easily slip over the coat hanger to hang in your closest,but like I said before my favorite thing about was that it was not overly scented with lavender.
Next is the Pure palette oil diffuser in citrus lavender scent. (I'm beginning to sense a theme :/ ) This seemed more on the citrus side than the lavender (yay) I have had this in my bathroom for about a month and it's still putting out fragrance. If it had more lavender in it I would change it out,but since sprummer (yes that is a term we have here in the south for the 2weeks of spring we get before we start to melt :) ) It still smells like a summer scent so I'll keep it till it runs out.
And finally the last item was a very memorable tea light from krista's candles . Um well ... So remember when I said that there are certain scents that as someone who suffers from migraines has to avoid? Yea our migraine triggers are usually the first things that we figure out. Normally I don't have a problem with krista's candles but when I opened the box I got the scent of doom. My kid took the picture before it was thrown out (sorry) She told me it was labeled honeysuckle and not gardeina but I don't know if it's part of the candles makeup or what but I guess it's a good/bad thing for me that her candles are so potent so I defiantly know what scents won't work for me.
Over all if glam box did a summer home box I would consider getting one if it has more kitchen or fruit scents. But the only things I really liked a ton was the spell bound tart. The other stuff I think was just luck that I didn't have my kids friends review it. ~Melissa

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  1. LMFAO the scent of doom!!! My favorite from Krista's Candles is the one that smells like Love Spell from Victoria's Secret and Juicy Peach. I hate florals also.