Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 2014 Julep Deal & Lucky Mystery Box!!

Julep has some pretty awesome deals right now just in time for St. Patrick's Day!! As many of you know, I love all things green and all things glittery, so this is a great holiday for me in regards to nail art!!
I also plan on tomorrow putting together some super awesome St. Patrick's Day nails for you guys!

First things first, I received an email earlier today, that if you purchase $10 at between now and Tuesday 3/18/14, you can receive ANY gold nail polish completely for FREE with code FREEGOLD!! :D
Julep Beauty Inc.
This is a SUPER deal! Click HERE for a list they have provided of their gold polishes you can snag for free! My personal favorites are Zelda, Andrea,and Gianna! Basically if you buy one full priced polish, even if you use Maven prices, you can get another gold one free! B1G1! Or you could find something in the savvy deals section! Here I'll give you some ideas!

For three more days, for only $24.99, you can pick from one of four (or multiple ones of course) mystery boxes. Three of which have brand new GREEN colors! :D 
FYI, to view the boxes, click on any of the images below!

If you're feeling a little glittery, make sure and check out the box with Taryn!
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Taryn is a Deep Sea Teal Holographic Glitter!

If you're feeling a little minty, make sure and check out the box with Shannon!
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Shannon is a light minty green silk finish polish!

& If you're feeling a little dangerous, make sure and check out the box with Aislinn!
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Aislinn is my personal favorite. She is a probably really dark black and green glitter!

Last, but not least! If you're not feeling any of those above, you can pick a complete mystery!
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I think it's pretty neat that they're offering a 100% mystery version. 

So! Those are some pretty viable options for things you can pick that are over $10. Buy a mystery box, get an already awesome deal of over $100 worth of polish & product AND on top of that get a free gold polish to go with your new green one!
Some other recommendations I have are:
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Savannah set for $9.99 & Jackie $6.99
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Savannah is an adorable set! Great starter bright Julep colors!
Jackie is my all time favorite Julep Red. A MUST have.
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Well lovelies! Happy shopping! Let me know if you get anything awesome in your mystery boxes! :D

Xx Ashley C.
*Note this post contains affiliate links*

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