Sunday, October 26, 2014

Diamond Candles Blogger Opportunity!

So I have an announcement for you fellow bloggers out there who read my blog! Apparently, Diamond Candles, a company who specializes in candles that have rings inside them of varying values, is offering the first 100 bloggers who apply, the opportunity to receive, review, and giveaway some of their products!

I've tried Diamond Candles once a long time ago, and I can tell you first hand, they are GREAT! I had a coconut candle that smelled AMAZING, lasted FOREVER, and had an awesome ring in it. It was only worth like $10 but the whole novelty of the thing really sucked me in. I instantly wanted another. :)
I'm applying for this one as well, I hope that I get in and 100 people haven't already applied!


Xx Ashley C.

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