Friday, October 24, 2014

Love with Food "Monster Mash" October 2014 Unboxing & Review!

Today I'm bringing you a review of one of my FAVORITE new subscription boxes!! It's called Love with Food and every month for only $10 they send you a box filled with sample sized all natural/organic snacks! This is my second box so far and I'm seriously loving it!! :) As far as I can tell, everyone receives the same box every month, which is basically the only downside to this subscription program. I do tend to like a bit of mystery, but the snacks are GREAT, and I love trying new things, so who really cares?!

If you'd like to find out a bit more information before we get started or sign up you can use my referral link HERE! You get your first box completely FREE and with every box you get, they donate a meal to a hungry child!!! Even better RIGHT?! :) Plus I get points to buy more delicious food.

*Do not proceed if you don't want spoilers!*

A First Look!

Everything always comes all neatly packaged in and packed super tight! I hate getting sloppily packed boxes, so this is a plus in my book! There's actually three different boxes you can pick from. The snack box ($10), Deluxe Box ($17), and Gluten Free Box ($25). I think it's great they have a gluten free option! I'm not allergic to it or anything, but I know people who are and it can be super difficult to find foods! Especially snacks!

Your subscription comes with a big card that details all of the products you receive. Here's mine.

Who's ready to see my snacks!?
Up first are some Organic Jelly Beans from Surf Sweets. At first I was like meh, jelly beans are jelly beans, but these are actually quite nice. They seem to be more... jelly than the others I've tried over the years, and are really nice and flavorful. I wish the pack were bigger!

Snapea Crisps! 
I've been really wanting to try these out for awhile now, so I was super excited to get these in my box this month!! These are actually really tasty. They're just a teensy bit salty, and super crispy, and seem like a nice, healthy snack. They'd be good in a dip I think.

Claire Squares - Buttery Shortbread Square
This is AN AMAZING COOKIE! Seriously. So good. Like a Sandies cookie but a million times better. I need a ton of these immediately. 

Flamous Organic - Original Falafel Chips
These are kinda strange honestly... but strange in a ... good way? They'd be super yummy with hummus I think. By themselves they're good, but it's definitely a unique flavor.

J&M Original Cheese Straws
I think these are pretty good too. I love cheez-its. And these taste like long twisty cheez-its. But healthier. These would be super amazing in different flavors I'm sure. Thumbs up!

Bananinha - Banana Bar
This is like a grown up fruit roll up in a bar form. It's kinda like a gooey smushed up banana shaped like a granola bar. Oddly enough...  I really liked it.

AND last but NOT least:
Justin's Almond Butter in Chocolate and Honey
THESE ARE AMAZING. I could seriously sit here and squeeze both packs in my mouth and eat them plain they're so good, and I don't even LIKE almonds. Who cares? These are so much better than peanut butter in so many ways and I have to get my hands on more immediately!!


So that's it for my October Love With Food box! I really really liked this month's box, and hopefully I'll be able to resign up for the November box. I've liked both the boxes I've gotten so far and this is a seriously great subscription for anyone who likes... well food! Especially if you're looking for new, tasty, organic snacks that you wouldn't normally pick for yourself!!

Xx Ashley C.

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