Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frankenstein Nails for Halloween 2014

Good morning lovelies! I've been trying for WEEKS to figure out what kind of Halloween nails I wanted to do this year... and tonight I think I've finally decided on Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein nails! :) 
Now, forewarning, I'm not like super awesome at nail art or anything, but I can tell a BIG improvement from last year, and Halloween is my favorite time to do cutesy things with my nails! :) I still kind of want to figure out how to do some witch nails, or zombie nails.. 

SO without further adieu, HERE THEY ARE in all their not so spooky glory!

For this mani I used:
I've had this China Glaze for awhile now... I have absolutely NO idea why I hadn't used it until now.... because it's basically the most amazing lime green EVER. You can't tell in this picture because I used Instagram filters and whatnot, but here's a picture of it in all it's amazing glory pre-cleanup and pre-franken-nails!
Lime green WHAT!? This is with my matte topcoat over it, but it didn't really need it, as it's super neon and kind of matte already. I love it so much, like if I could only pick on polish color for the rest of my life, I'd definitely pick this one! What do you think?!

Okay so ANYWAY, this is a super easy mani to do, if you want a real tutorial, I can make one for you, so just comment if you do and I'll make a pictorial. :) I'd be happy to! I haven't made one in ages, and I kind of love making them!! 

  1. Paint nails your base green color.
  2. After that's dry, on your three non accent nails, using a black polish and striper brush, make stick marks randomly over the nail. Two will probably suffice, as some of mine have three and look messy-ish.
  3. Next, on the nails you want to be Frankensteins, paint in the hair using the same striper brush. I made my Franken... Man have squared off hair, and the Bride of Frankenstein have her classic big hair.
  4. Next I drew on the mouth of my Frankenstein using the same stitch type design as the non-accent nails.
  5. I let that dry for a minute to avoid smearing as much as possible, then used a larger dotting tool and my white polish (Nicolette) to dot on the eyes. I definitely had shaky hands last night when I did these and one of my eyes got a little wonky.. so be careful!
  6. Then I used a small dotting tool to dot in the eyes with black.
  7. Add the silver (Rebel) zig-zag streak to Bride of Frankenstein's hair.
  8. Draw on pink (or whatever color) bow, and you're done with your nail art! Unless you want Bride of Frankenstein to have little eyelashes and a nose like mine, in which case you can paint those on whenever.
  9. Topcoat and DONE! I used matte topcoat over these just because I'm out of regular. lol But either would probably look awesome!
SO yeah! Super easy semi-tutorial for your Sunday!
Anyone have any wicked awesome Halloween inspired manis to share?! I'd love to see them! I did some candy corns, ghosts, and pumpkins last year I think! I love Halloween Nail Art!!

Xx Ashley C.

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