Friday, September 6, 2013

Julep Maven September Review!!

Alright so I decided to go a little crazy this month and jumped on the Modern Beauty bandwagon. I am usually a Bombshell Maven kind of gal but I really needed some primer and couldn't resist. I'm on the fence about these two products.
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Let's start with the cleansing oil:
Julep's Bare Face cleansing oil sells for $28.00 on ($22.40 if you're a maven). This honestly seems a little high to me, but it seems to work. It takes off my eye makeup like a champ! I use waterproof eyeliner and mascara every day of my life and am really pleased to finally find something that works without making my face greasy and disgusting! The only downside is for some reason I am breaking out like crazy and I NEVER break out. I'm not sure if it is from the oil or from the primer since I've been using them both since I opened my box. 

Here is a before picture of my smudgy makeup before I used the cleansing oil!
And after:
Eye makeup is gone, eyebrow pencil is gone, and my mascara is completely gone!

One other thing I like about the cleansing oil is it leaves my face super soft and not dried out like my usual soap does.

Okay so on to the primer. Usually when I do have primer I like to use The POREfessional by Benefit. It makes my pores pretty much disappear and makes my makeup stay on FOREVER!! But I figured I'd try Julep's out too. 

Black Canvas mattifying face primer is sold for $28.00 ($22.40 for mavens) for 1oz, which seems like a pretty fair price. POREfessional by Benefit is $30 at Sephora for only .75 oz so you're getting more for your money. I really don't know how I feel about it. I think it might actually be the culprit as to why I'm breaking out because I have been using ONLY a BB cream for about a month after a serious breakout-fest from some Maybelline foundation. Yuck! Maybe my skin is in makeup shock. :) This primer seems to make my makeup stay on all day which is a plus, but I don't really see the "matte effect" on my skin. My pores are still clearly visible unfortunately and it makes my skin feel a little bit greasier than usual. I just tried to use it on only half of my face to see what a difference it made with the BB cream and in the photo you can actually see that the right side is more matte than the left, but my skin still looks pretty horrible and you can see all my inperfections. :/ All in all, this primer is okay, but I wouldn't buy it again, especially not for $28.00. I'll use it until it is gone and then go back to my regular brand!

Primer on the right side (side without the lip ring ;D )of my face. None on the left
 Sorry for my awful zits. 

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