Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Ipsy Unboxing!

While I'm not totally thrilled about my September "Classic Beauty" Ipsy bag (probably my least favorite yet) here is what I received!!
**Warning spoiler alert!!**

A lot of people were complaining about the actual bag this month, but honestly it is my favorite part! I am loving the bright blue and the weird pattern. It's going to be my new lipgloss bag for my purse! :) lol 

This month I received Freeman paper masks, Elizabeth Mott It's so Big Mascara, Nyx single eyeshadow, Caiyln lip balm, and a Starlook's Kohl eye pencil. It also came with a tiny trial size of Michelle Phan's Em makeup on the insert. 

The paper masks they sent out are from Freeman feeling beautiful. They are $1.99 each on their website and I believe you can purchase them at Walmart. I tried out the Purifying one and it was pretty strange. The mask didn't fit my face correctly. The eye holes were way too close together and I wanted it to stick to the sides of my nose where I get the most blackheads and it didn't. I didn't really notice a difference in my skin either, it was just kind of sticky when I took it off.

Here's an awkward picture of me with the mask on. Haha My husband said I looked scary. See what I mean about the nose part? I probably wouldn't buy them but it was nice to try it out. I'm all about new skin care stuff. :)

The next product is Cailyn Lip Balm in Big Apple. I tried this out today and hated it so much I took it off immediately. It felt really dry and weird when I put it on and the color looked absolutely horrible on me. I should have just left it alone and traded it. This retails for $19.00 and you can purchase it here at the Cailyn site. I received a gel liner a few months back from this brand that I LOVE so I was pretty disappointed I didn't like this.

Here's a closer look at the eyeliner pencil. I don't typically use pencil liner, I like to use gel or liquid so I was hesitant about this item. However, let me tell you this stuff is pretty great! Unlike other pencil eyeliners I've used it goes on really nice and dark and smooth. I usually have to like light my pencils on fire and let them melt a little to get a nice dark line, but this stuff works like a charm. The only downfall is it rubs off pretty easy. I accidentally bumped my eye earlier and it smeared all over my hand. So far, in my opinion Starlooks is a pretty great brand. I have a lip pencil from them and it goes on just as nice. The color I received is called Obsidian and it's a really black, black. It retails for $12.00 on the Starlooks website.

**EDIT** I've actually decided since I wrote this review on the liner that I don't really like so it much after all.. It doesn't last all day and is far from waterproof. I would never ever ever pay 12.00 for this liner. If I as much as touch my eyes it simply smears off. Ugh.

I wasn't particularly thrilled about receiving another mascara because last month's totally sucked, but this is pretty great! It makes my eyelashes super long and thick and I love it. This is going to be my new second favorite mascara, the first being Benefit's They're Real. The brush is shaped differently than my other mascaras and is really soft. It's by Elizabeth Mott (who I've never heard of) and is called It's so Big. Retail is $19.99 for a full size and you can get it here! The website also states it's cruelty free which is pretty cool! :)

Here's my Nyx shadow
And here's a swatch. 
This is my very first Nyx shadow. I love my Nyx cream blush so I was pretty excited that everyone was getting eyeshadow this month. I, for one, can never have enough eyeshadow. I also love getting full size products in my ipsy bags. The color I received is Deep Charcoal. It reminds me of Urban Decay S&M but maybe just a little darker. I like grey eyeshadow for nights going out so I will probably use this every now and again. It's nice and pigmented and goes on shiny and smooth. I used this with my Elf primer and it stayed on all day. I would have rather received a light color that would be work appropriate but this is nice none the less. It costs $4.50 on the Nyx website. If you like eyeshadow I definitely recommend this brand! 

At the bottom is the teeny tiny sample of Em. I wish they had sent out a bigger one especially since she is one of the Ipsy girls.

So that's my September Ipsy bag! Not so horrible, but not the greatest! I wish I had received Jesse's Girl Liquid liner or Butter LONDON nail polish, but there's always next time. Here are Ipsy's coupon codes this month, there's some pretty good ones:
Ipsy is a really great subscription service where you can try 4-5 mystery beauty products every month (I've never received less than 5). It comes in a cool bag, and as you have seen the bags are usually worth way more than the $10 you pay for it. My bag's value this month totals to roughly $61.50. If you like trying out new makeup before you buy it at full price and end up hating it you should definitely give them a try! I've found tons of new brands that I love and didn't know I needed in my life until Ipsy!

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