Friday, September 27, 2013

Mario Mushroom nails!

Well, I'm a gamer girl and I love showing it on my nails. One day, I will figure out how to do World Of Warcraft nails.. Anyways, here are some pretty cute gamer nails that I just love doing and lets face it, who doesnt love Mario!?

So lets start with what I used!
For the eyes I used just my random black polish and LA Colors top coat
Julep- Bess, Julep- Clara, Julep- Payton, Julep- Nadia
Sinful Colors- Amethyst
Sally Hansen- Cherry Red, Sally Hansen- Hard to Get

So we start with our base coat of Clara. 
My cuticles look pretty much like crap right now, so the polish on them actually makes them look better.
Next, paint the mushroom heads. 
I really messed up my pinkie nail, so I just covered it until I fixed it.. 
Then, I use the dotting tool to make 5 dots on each head. 
The first time I did this, I was pretty bad at dots (I dont know how you can be bad at dots, but I was..)
And last, we paint our eyes, let them dry, and put on a top coat! 
And voila! We have Mario mushrooms!
And just because she is pretty amazing and watching her video made writing this blog take about an hour longer, , go watch Jenna! She is hilarious. 

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