Monday, September 9, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nails

Well, I was asked to make my first blog post a nail tutorial. So here we are. We picked TMNT because lets face it y'all they are pretty kick ass. This is just a minimal nail job seeing as how I chose to get it done in the middle of the day, right after I picked my children up from school. Bad idea, though my daughter did decide to organize my polishes for me.

So onto TMNT nails!

I haven't done my nails in weeks since they've been pretty crappy. Luckily, Julep's Cuticle Oil is pretty amazing and made my cuticles look not so crappy for the photos.
For the green I'm using Julep "Payton", for the orange I'm using Julep "Marjorie" (everyone needs at least a LITTLE sparkle right ladies!?), for the blue I'm using Julep "Char", the purple is Sinful Colors "Amethyst", the red is Sally Hansen "Cherry Red", the white is Sally Hansen as well ( I LOVE this white btw its so amazing), and the black is some random polish I grabbed out of a box at a yard sale, then my top coat is LA Colors.

So, start with your base coat of green. I used 2 coats to get a solid look.

 Next, paint your stripes for their masks. I don't use striping tape since the brush usually gives a good line. I tried to use tape, but it just kept messing up..
I love my dotting tool. It has become my best friend when doing nails. So, start with white and make 2 dots on each color. After that is dry, make 2 smaller dots with black inside the white. 

These are pretty simple. There are more elaborate ways to do it, but for a quick, nerdy, cute mani this works for me!
Enjoy ya'll!

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