Monday, September 30, 2013

Julep Maven October Bombshell Unboxing!

For those of you who don't know what the Julep Maven program is, its a month polish subscription box with different style profiles. You receive either 2 polishes and one beauty product, two beauty products, or three polishes for $19.99 a month. It's usually hit or miss with me but lately I have been loving what they have!!
If you want to sign up you can use my referral link HERE and use the code "FREEBOX" to get your first box for free. They also give you the option of adding additional polishes on for like... $4.99 which is super cheap! That's how I ended up with almost 100 lovely Juleps in my collection. :)

I was so excited to receive my October Julep box today. I want to apologize in advance that I took the majority of these photos with my cell phone in my car. I couldn't contain myself any longer!!! This box is so awesome. Not only was it free but I love every single thing in it. I only wish I had ordered some add ons... especially Casper... which glows in the dark...

ANYWAYS here is my October Maven box this month!!!

Julep did a pretty bad job wrapping up my goodies this month... but that okay. It's what's inside that counts right?

And here's what it looked like without the tissue paper.

I received the Bombshell box this month, which is the one the quiz picked out for me... I'd say its pretty accurate. Bombshell is usually what I order.

This months Bombshell Maven box came with their Kajal eye glider (eyeliner) in a dual ended pencil in brown and black, a "black latex" color called Cleopatra, and a greenish teal microglitter color called Valerie which I've heard has been for sale at Sephora for awhile. They also added a little bag of candy corn which I love so that is pretty great too.

Not going to lie I was a little on the fence about the whole nailpolish maker making an eyeliner thing... but I actually really like what I see so far with this liner. I'm a bit of an eyeliner snob as you've probably noticed and I usually only use gel and liquid, but the Kajal liner I received is nice and dark and goes on really smooth. I only wish we could have chosen between brown and black and not gotten a dual pencil. I never use brown liner. Only black. 
It also came with what Julep has deemed "the best sharpener they've ever used" but I haven't used it yet. I don't really see what could be so special about it.... :) 

See how nice and rich the colors are?! So excited to use it for work tomorrow.

Here's another swatch picture for you.

This is really the only picture I took that properly shows all the shimmer in Valerie.. It's a really really pretty greenish teal color with lots of different colored shimmer. It only took two coats on my toes to be fully opaque.

Without flash
With flash

And overcast outside

Maybe I'm missing something here but I'm pretty sure Cleopatra is just a matte black. Either way I'm really in love with it. It went on sooo smooth and again, two coats and it was totally opaque. Clean up was super easy and it dried really fast. Cleopatra is going to be a great color for Fall/Halloween for me.

Here is Cleopatra with Valerie dots as an accent... but you can't really see them. Both great colors though, just not so much together :)

And here is it again wish flash for you!

So that is my October Bombshell box. Overall it is super great and I will try out the eyeliner for real tomorrow and type up a little review of it!!! :) Have a good night and don't forget to follow us on here and on Facebook!!

Xx Ashley C.

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