Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ipsy June 2014 Unboxing & Review!

Sorry I'm a little late with this post! I got my bag right before I left town and have had so many Tomoson reviews to do, I honestly didn't really have time to do anything else! Today I'm bringing you my June Ipsy bag! WHICH by the way, is AWESOME and for the first time in a WHILE I love every single thing in it!

For those of you who aren't subscribed to Ipsy already, here's a little info about it. For only $10 a month, you get a cute little bag packed full of makeup/skincare/haircare goodies valued usually up to $100. It's a killer deal and sometimes you even get full size products! I've found SO many different items and brands that I would have never tried myself through Ipsy. I've been subscribed a little over a year now and I LOVE IT!
If you'd like to find out more, or even subscribe yourself CLICK HERE! I'll post another link at the end of the review!

This month's theme was Pretty in Paradise. I really love what I received, especially because I just got back from the beach and all of the items came in really handy for me. Especially the beach waves spray, which is my favorite thing ever.
I apologize in advance that I didn't take photos of my bag when I received it. I'm going to try to pull together the best pics that I can!
Here's a picture of the bag this month! Isn't it so cute!?! I love it. Spoilers after this:

This month I received:
I like this brand, even though they send it out all the time..
It has a pretty normal brush. But I like it nonetheless.
Be a Bombshell: Lash Out Mascara   FULL SIZE!! Value $15

First of all, alot of people were complaining that this mascara has a chemical smell to it. Apparently, like a couple of months ago with the POP Beauty disaster, Be a Bombshell has tried to change their formula and send us weird stuff instead of the regular product. I honestly don't really notice that much of a difference though, so I used it anyway. I'm a mascara junkie, and I really like this. It gives my lashes alot of length without looking clumpy at all. I hate clumps. I'd definitely buy this, even though it isn't waterproof.

Marc Anthony: Dream Waves Beach Spray : Travel Size Value $2.40
This is like my favorite spray ever. I actually had just tried it before I got it in my bag and was going to buy it, so I was stoked to receive it. First of all, it smells AMAZING. And second of all, it really works without making my hair too crispy and gross feeling. A little goes a long way, but it will definitely give you beachy awesome waves. This was perfect for my trip.

AND swatch:
Nyx: Butter Gloss - FULL SIZE!! Value $5

This one I was also super excited to receive. I love anything by Nyx and collect their matte lipsticks. I've been wanting to try their butter gloss for a long time now. I love it! It isn't overly sticky and is a really pretty nude color. I'll definitely be purchasing more of these. Or all of them.....

AND swatch:
Definitely too dark for my blonde hair.. but I will save it for when it's brown again.
Ofra: Universal Eyebrow Pencil  FULL SIZE!! Value $13

I'm all for an eyebrow pencil, and if my hair was still dark this would have been awesome. Unfortunately I bleached it, and it's way too dark for me now. I do like the formula though. It's not overly heavy, and is very longlasting.
This is a total picture fail... My bad lol You're only missing the label though
Realtree: For Her Perfume  Sample Size Value $1
For a fairly cheap perfume brand, this stuff actually smells really amazing. I'll probably be picking up a full size as soon as I run out, even though I'm totally against camo anything.... I'm pretty surprised actually.

Total Bag Value: $34
While this isn't the most expensive bag I've received, considering I only spent $10 for it, $34 worth of stuff isn't bad! Plus I love everything in it! I'm looking forward to seeing what July brings.
Again, if you want to sign up for Ipsy, Please use my referral link HERE!

Have a great night everyone!
xX Ashley C.

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