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August 2014 Julep Maven Spoilers! The Wanderlust Collection!

SOOO I found some spoilers a day a head of time for Julep's August box and I am REALLY REALLY excited about it so I figured I'd share it with my readers too. This is the first box I've EVER been this excited about and I love every single color. I'm not thrilled about the beauty product this month, but that can be remedied and I'm sure some people will really love it.

If you don't already know what Julep is from all the press, my posts, or commercials on TV, it's a monthly nail polish subscription program with different style profiles you can pick from every month! The window opens on the 20th and you can either pick one of the set ones, or customize your box! You can get everything too, or only just polish. I've been subscribed for over a year now and LOVE it. Plus you can usually get your first box free with code FREEBOX, or head over to my Julep Steals & Deals page and there are more codes there! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE OR SUB TODAY! It's only

So without further ado, Meet August 2014 Julep Wanderlust Collection!
If you don't want spoilers, don't keep reading by the way!! :)

Okay so I'm going to start with the beauty product this month which is more eye gliders! I love eyeliner as much as the next girl, but I wasn't really impressed with the Kajal one. It smeared, it ran, it smudged, and I hated it. Hopefully these will be better though since they claim to be waterproof! Here's some pics!
The only ones of these I'd probably use are the Blackest Black and the Smoky Taupe Shimmer honestly. But the black doesn't look super black to me for some reason. I'm a gel or liquid liner kinda gal, so I'm totally hesitant to try any liner that comes in stick form.

NOW on to the good stuff!!!!!!!!! Who's ready to see some pretty polishes!?! 

Classic With a Twist:
Avni - a Purple shimmer that to me looks super similar to the color Morgan

Katie - LOVE this one! Purple/Fuschia Metallic!?! What more can a girl want?!

Tazeen - The most amazing Gold full coverage glitter I've ever, ever seen!

Neha - Cranberryish Shimmer I'm not wowed or anything by this one but it is pretty!

Boho Glam:
India - Bright blue shimmer and I LOVE IT!

Waleska - I really am not understanding the names this month. Too much for me. LOVE this Teal metallic though!

It Girl: 
Joyce - Pretty shimmer red! I like this one. I'm going to get it because my grandmother's name is Joyce.

Kirti - Bright orange shimmer! I love it!

Tammi - Greenish Yellowish (babypoopish) shimmer. This reminds me of BL Dosh. Don't love it.

Add ons???
Classic With a Twist - Sushmita
I'm pretty sure this is an add on since it's got a special finish. I don't love it. It's like Katie but matte.

It Girl - Queen Anne
I like this one, but I wish they'd be more creative with their add ons...

SO that is the August Maven boxes a day early for your viewing pleasure!! I'm really digging this month's colors. I love anything and everything bright and cheery though. I still don't get the names...... They're running out of normal names to use I guess!

What do you think!!? Love? Hate? What box are you getting? Skipping?!
If you're not subscribed, you can CLICK HERE to use my referral link so I get credit too! YAY!

Xx Ashley C.
Julep Beauty Inc.

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