Sunday, December 22, 2013

Naughty and Nice Mystery Box by Julep

So during Julep's 12 days of Christmas giving thing, I was really hoping there would be a mystery box as their last day but there wasn't, lame sauce but they did end up doing one and I jumped all over it with my 40 percent off code a friend gave me since I skipped last month maven box. I also totally regret it, and kinda want to skip this months box as well but I dont want to end up regretting it so we will see haha. So I got the mystery box which was $24.99 and the Mystery Add-on which was $9.99 for $20.99. So I am super excited about that. It took 6 days to get here which is crazy because I got free 2 day shipping with it, but if anyone knows Julep, 2 days is really a week in the Julep world like Ashley told me haha. Although when my box arrived, it was well worth the wait! So the Naughty & Nice box was featuring two brand new colors Aviva and Brenda. 

I am super pleased with this box. I have really wanted to try alot of these things! Ashley raves about this rockstar lotion so I was dying to get it and it is amazing, I love the smell of it. I really want to find a perfume with the same scent. As soon as I tried it I got a fullsize tube of it.
So here is a list of everything I got!
Julep Lip Gloss - Timeless
Julep Blank Canvas Primer
Julep Kajal Eye Glider
Julep Rock Star hand cream 1 oz 
Julep Green tea blotting papers
Julep Aviva
Julep Brenda
Julep Nellie
Julep America
Julep Jane
Julep Joanna
Julep Faye
Julep Lois

And a few samples of their Luxe serum and cream

So overall this was a pretty sweet deal and an even better one if you got lucky and put the discount code in before they stopped them! I also did my nails with Aviva and Brenda! 
(I put Brenda over Cotton buds by Butter London since it is so sheer)

Thanks for stopping by!
Chynel Webb :)


  1. FYI my opinion the luxe hand cream is that it blows.

  2. the night shift mask works really good!