Sunday, April 13, 2014

My favorite things ! Down the bayou lacquer

I admit I had never really thought much about indie polish until last Dec when I saw a post of a giveaway, it was for a Christmas collection and I liked the colors so said hey why not. I guess the rest you could say was history. I ended up winning and well I was hooked on this brand like some are hooked on EP. So when I decided to do a mani a day due to not having alot of time right now and because I have a little more than a few of her polishes it was a hard choice. I mean it's crawfish season AND almost Easter! But in the end spring nails won over and I'll be rocking these at church tomorrow ;) . The base coat is a light mint shimmer from one of her mystery bags so there is no name :( but the glitter topcoat is from her newest line called Stay alive . It's pretty much my new favorite! I really like the fact that it dries fast but not so fast that you can't move the glitter around to where you want :)
And the fact that I like shiny things don't hurt either (plus I did swatch this when I got it last week and it is not that hard to get off!)
Well this is Sunday's mani. Stay tuned for tomorrow's when I show you another one of her beauties (Im thinking crawfish boil) if you want to grab this topcoat or any others in the new collection,head on over to esty and find Down the bayou lacquer and look at all the pretties :)