Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cherry Blossom Nails for Spring!!!

No serious tutorial or anything for these really, but they were WAY easier than I thought they'd be!

All you need is:
Brown Polish
Base color polish(es)
Dark Pink
Light pink
Striping brush
Dotting tool and/or pen

I used:
Julep - Fiore
Julep - Bess
Julep - Denver
Julep - Carrie
Julep - Nellie
HK Girl Topcoat
Striping Brush
Crappy old pen

Basically you just paint your nails the base colors. I used Julep Bess with Julep Denver as an accent nail although you can't really tell in the photo. Let that dry. I applied Topcoat here to make it dry faster. HK Girl is my go to for nail art because it dries crazy fast, doesn't shrink, and doesn't smear.
Then you take your brown color and paint on branches. The best part is they don't have to be perfect or anything because the flowers are going to be going on top of them. I used Julep Fiore because it's the only brownish polish I have but it's a little dark.
Then randomly on the branches make dots in the shape of flowers with your light pink color. I tired to make them not all the same size, and used Julep Carrie.
Then in the middle of those "flowers"  use your dark pink to make a dot in the middle and Voila!  Cherry Blossom Nails!!!  I used Julep Nellie for the dark pink.  It's my favorite.
Top coat again and done!!!

So there's your super easy and fast tutorial for my nails of the day and HERE THEY ARE in all their novice glory!

Xx Ashley C.

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