Sunday, April 6, 2014

Broadway Nails imPRESS on Manicure Review!

For those of you who saw my Influenster unboxing post, you might remember that I received some press on nails! I haven't used press on nails since I was like 10 years old honestly... acrylics are just better and I've been trying to grow out my real ones, but for the sake of knowing if they are any good, I decided to try them out!

Today I bring you my review of Broadway Nails imPRESS on Manicure in the design "Space Cadet".
A set of these little fake nails runs about $6 at the drugstore. I believe they're made by Kiss Cosmetics, and you can get them anywhere from Walmart to Walgreens to Target to online. This design is pretty cute in my opinion, which is mainly why I decided to actually try them instead of giving them to my 6 year old daughter.
They look kind of like little black and white glitter giraffe print, so I'm not totally 100% sure why they're called Space Cadet.

Anyway. Each kit comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, and they're like medium length. Unfortunately this isn't long enough for me to justify actually buying them. My natural nails have been growing, so I had to place them pretty far up my nail to make sure my real nail didn't show through. They would definitely be ideal for someone with very short nails or none at all.

  • Super easy to apply, you just peel off the plastic on the back side and stick them on. 
  • No glue required. Less damaging to your real nail because you don't have to use glue or acrylic. 
  • Lots of different designs to choose from. I will include an Amazon link to my favorites
  • Supposedly last up to a week
  • A little on the expensive side. You can buy a full set at the salon for only like $15 more.
  • Not long enough for me to justify using/buying them
  • Still had trouble finding exact fits for my nails and didn't want to cut them
My overall experience with these is mostly positive. I've had them on about 24 hours now, and they haven't fallen off. They're cute and nice to look at. They're shaped well and not cheap looking at the ends. However, there is a gap between my real nail and the fake one, because they aren't long enough and the adhesive doesn't go all the way to the tip.

Here's some pictures. You will see what I mean about the placement. My hands look like I have grown out acrylics on, and the short pinky nail makes my hands look fat. 

There you have it! I probably wouldn't buy these, but they were fun to try!!

Xx Ashley C.

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